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Reply: Heredity factor in Diabetes risk
Excellent points, beta. T2 Diabetes involves risk factors. Smoking is huge. Diet is huge....More
Posted by brunosbud
Reply: Screening for diabetes
There are people, today, that have never looked under the hood of their car. They're...More
Posted by brunosbud
Reply: Trying to understand
I agree with your comment about testing. Test, Test, Test Most folks have a deep...More
Posted by brunosbud
Reply: Is My Fasting Number High?
A lot of people think doctors are cold, impersonal, elitist snobs... Some are... lol ...More
Posted by brunosbud
Reply: Protein Drinks?
My thoughts? It's a free country & God bless, America.More
Posted by brunosbud
Reply: Sugar (not Carbs) is the Problem
Thanks, nutrijoy, for the excellent references! I think it's important at this time to...More
Posted by brunosbud
Sugar (not Carbs) is the Problem
This article helps to explain why sugar is so destructive: "10 Disturbing Reasons Why...More
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Reply: Type 2 diabetes and walking four hours a day in t...
My wife is a licensed family counselor but she got a job 4 years ago to work as a...More
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Reply: Why does oatmeal raise my blood sugar?
Red: "Geology is the study of pressure and time. That's all it takes really...Pressure...More
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Reply: Fatigue
Thanks, nutrijoy, for the kind words. I've just got the book from amazon. I'll read it,...More
Posted by brunosbud