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My Story:
Thanksgiving 2007 a family member tested my blood sugar. It was 417. I started reading and bout a test-meter. By the time I got to see a Dr about 3 months later I had already begun making progress (my graph) - and found him less knowledgeable about the basics than myself so I rejected his drugs and his certainty that I would die if I didn't do what he said (he was annoyingly deadly IMHO).

After reading over a dozen books I started with Bernstein's approach while keeping fruit (Atkins-like with more vegies). Later I found one that resonated with my "engineering approach" based on testing. That was DeWayne McCully's Death To Diabetes (DTD). I had already purchased a large bulk supply of test strips and was testing unknown foods every 20 minutes after eating them. Within that first few months the "hysteresis effect" of "glucose blasting" had become obvious. DTD came with a video that had a good chart of live/dead foods which I photographed and taped inside the kitchen cabinet. I also liked the Medeteranian Diet Pyramid - and taped that into another cabinet door.

After about 3 months of an "Atkins like" diet while still having a huge 5K/day calories content - my blood sugar was below 150. At that point I started paying more attention to calories. My new smart-phone was a huge help to look up how many calories in anything I considered eating. By mid-summer of 2008 my weight was down and so was my blood pressure.

Since mid-summer 2008 I've kept the weight off, blood sugar at about 100, and BP low to normal. My profile picture is about 6 months old. Here's a pic from when I was fat.

Its been over 3 years now enjoying perfect health and thus I've joined this and a few other on-line communities and shared my story in an effort to help others. In particular my impression is the drugs-first mentality of my Dr was dangerous - of course many probably consider my ideas dangerous too.

Using a test meeter to monitor yourself is where to verify for yourself the things you try. The bulk-purchase on eBay helped accomplish that at a reasonable cost. Playing guitar and pricking fingers isn't fun - and I tested a lot - THIS is the location I found best for testing.

Update: I've said the story to my video camera here.

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