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lacking advise.
Havn't posted in quite awhile because my metformin wasn't working well at keeping my...More
Posted by rocketbob

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Reply: Fruit Cake Blues
Were iy not for fruitcakes I would have no doorstops at all.
Posted by rocketbob
Reply: Poverty.
Thanks for your considerate reply. I hope I did not give the impression that I was...More
Posted by rocketbob
I have been following these forums since being dianosed type 2 back in Sept. and have...More
Posted by rocketbob
Reply: T-2 is Reversible - Report from Newcastle Universi...
What seems clear to me is that few could live and thrive for long on a 600 cal. diet and...More
Posted by rocketbob
Reply: B G count.
Hi everyone....its been three weeks since I last posted. Three more weeks of daily...More
Posted by rocketbob
Reply: Stressed.
Thanks flutetooter for your responce. I can't recall what the doctor said that tick gave...More
Posted by rocketbob
Reply: Stressed.
Thanks for the feedback. I was just diagnosed over labor day weekend while in the ICU for...More
Posted by rocketbob
Hi everyone. I hope all had a good holloween. I allowed myself one half an almound joy...More
Posted by rocketbob
Reply: Eating Right Is So Hard
Eating right is hard and it didn't get easier after I was diagnosed this Labor day. Prior...More
Posted by rocketbob