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Reply: Statins and diabetes risk
Crestor was definitiely worth a try because a small dose can often lower LDL...More
Anyone out there still following Atkins diet? Why or why not?
Reply: Type II Diabetes medication alternatives for Metfo...
It is a difficult situation. Although I do what I can with my patients to...More
Reply: Statins and diabetes risk
Glad to get your thoughts Flutetooter and Deb. Anyone else with a comment on...More
Statins and diabetes risk
Statin drugs like simvastatin (zocor), atorvastatin (lipitor) and other...More
Reply: Diabetic neuropathy
Dear Tom, There is no clear "threshold" for diabetic neuropathy. Anyone with...More
Reply: I've been thrown a nasty curve ball!
Michelle, You are amazing! I admire your thoughtful approach to how you lead...More
Reply: Formerly A1C 9.5. I believe I have cured myself o...
Thank you for sharing your story. Weight loss, persistance, and a careful...More
Reply: why am I still hungry?
I suspect you are eating "appetite stimulating foods" at most meals. Starchy...More
Reply: non-diabetic Child with 300+ insulin on OGTT???
Wow! I'm stumped too! Please let us know if you get any answers. It is...More