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re coq 10
my doc recommended co q10 200 mg in mornng 4 leg cramps. worked like a charm
Posted by An_202437
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giving blood
can dibetic's give blood?
Posted by froggycain
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How to watch your weight.
I am not over weight. I exercise regularly and eat everything in moderation.
Posted by An_202435
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IMPORTANT: Abbott Test Strip ReCall
FDA announced a RECALL of Abbott glucometer test strips. The following strips/meters are affected; ...More
Posted by arealgijoe
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Read and Pay attention to the food nuitrition food...
Look at all the "light", "smart", and "healthy" frozen food entrees as the sodium and carbs totals are very...More
Posted by ejoy13
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Eating Healthy
I'm Insulin Resistant, I guess that means pre-diabetic, I'm not sure. This is what I ate and dropped 40...More
Posted by MagnoliaRouge
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Freeze your fish oil
I actually hate fish and had tried fish oil years ago, but stopped taking it because I kept burping up fish...More
Posted by soft_smiles
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Creating Direct Links To Other Websites
Did you know you can create a direct link to other web sites when replying to or creating posts in WebMD...More

Posted by davedsel57
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Medical Id Bracelets that my son will actually wea...
My 16 year old son just bought a really cool med id bracelet from . They have...More
Posted by lucysienna
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Read about your dilemma
taking insulin when you are pregnant can be a challenge as you progress. One of the things you can do on...More
Posted by 23changeslater
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If you don't like something ...
Here's what I did about Yoplait yo gut 's use of HFCS: 1. I called the 1-800 number on the...More
Posted by coldnebraskanite
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What does 5 pounds look like?
If I am tempted to throw caution to the wind on a trip or vacation or restaurant meal, I just go to the...More
Posted by flutetooter
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Type 2 Diabetes
Hello: I went to the hospital 2 weeks ago for another problem, had my blood tested and found out it was 762,...More
Posted by An_202432
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if my blood sugar is less than 145 after breakfast and lunch, but my sugar is less than 120 at dinner, should...More
Posted by An_202431
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I am now trying this ACOMPLIA and it seems to help lower my sugar and also reduce my appetite. I wonder if...More
Posted by GaryinNJ
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Diabetic 2
I have bee doing some extensive research on the product " Truvia " and derivative of the " Stevia " plant. No...More
Posted by Hackateer
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Newly Diagnosed Diabetes?
It can be overwhelming to be diagnosed with diabetes. You may not know what steps to take and your...More
Posted by Louise_WebMD_Staff
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I have tried the Greek yogurt, Chobani brand, and am pleased with this product. A 6oz serving had 13g carbs,...More
Posted by misipimom
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Hemp Tortillas - Great!
I found these yesterday & tried one today with lunch. I think they taste much better than those low carb...More
Posted by xring
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Hey Guys - Pedicure is not just for women.....and ...
Be a man, if you really want to help out those footsies - pony up with your wife or significant other and get...More
Posted by tigwylan
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Foot Care Tips
Everyone knows (or learns fast) that foot care is very important with diabetes. How do you...More
Posted by Louise_WebMD_Staff
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Hand Care Tips
Fingers get toughened from blood glucose testing. I know a number of you have tips on caring for...More
Posted by Louise_WebMD_Staff
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Getting blood sugar under control using insulin
I normally like Dr. Gabe Mirkin 's advice and newsletters. But in one of his most recent newsletter articles, he commits the same medical ... More
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Conquering Diabetes - Michael Dansinger, MD

Dr. Michael Dansinger provides thoughtful tips for those with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes who want to reclaim their health...Read More

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