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Losing weight.
I have been thinking about starting to drink a whey protein shake to help with losing some weight. I have...More
Posted by An_258802
You are probably right about vegans getting osteoporosis....they may get too much sugar or not enough greens,or...More
Posted by jc3737
prostate cancer
What does this mean? More
Posted by jc3737
Reply: vit D supplementation effective
The evidence against supplements continues to pile up. Recently I created a list of The Top 5 Vitamins You...More
Posted by jc3737
Reply: Dr Mann
He continued to eat a diet of meat and fat almost with total abandon.He lived here in Nashville,TN and taught...More
Posted by jc3737
Reply: Dolores
I am still experimenting but I could swear that my bp is lower when I drink a third of a cup of pomegranate...More
Posted by max9821
diet crowMore
Posted by Anon_605
McDougall forum
I picked a good day to check in on the McDougall forum.I really liked baardmk's philosophical anaysis of science...More
Posted by jc3737
Reply: rice? starch?
May not be very much but enough to make a difference in the study.Why do you say it does not tell us anything...More
Posted by jc3737
Reply: new trial
OK. Human infants do need animal fat. They get it from an animal, their own mothers--- via the milk of their...More
Posted by max9821
Reply: fuhrman's products
cranberries, which I don't eat because I can't eat them without sugar, have lots of iodine if grown near the...More
Posted by max9821
Reply: potatoes More
Posted by jc3737
Reply: potatoes,white
ATHENS, GREECE — There is no real "debate" over the dangers of dietary salt as a cause of cardiovascular...More
Posted by jc3737
Reply: triglycerides
I take a 150mcg supplement of potassium iodide daily.Thats not enough to cause problems but enough to correct...More
Posted by jc3737
Reply: cure for high triglycerides
I stand corrected about Dr fFhrmans stance on oils.I reread some of what he says in Eat to Live and Super...More
Posted by jc3737
Reply: insulin
"The role of insulin as an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease is uncertain. Several early...More
Posted by jc3737
Many studies that show low sodium to be a problem are flawed meta-analysis studies that are paid for by the salt...More
Posted by jc3737
from the past More
Posted by jc3737
Reply: 1 hr post prandial blood glucose
PSA does go down.If it bounces around that indicates a lower probability of cancer but when it goes steadily up...More
Posted by jc3737
Reply: prostate cancer
Look at the title of the article.It mentions that its the flax seed that is responsible for inhibiting prostate...More
Posted by jc3737
walnut oil
Works in mice. More
Posted by jc3737
Reply: olive oil healthy?
Do you have a link to that study?
Posted by jc3737
Reply: salt
I think I pointed out on another group that giving saline solutions is a medical treatment given for a specific...More
Posted by max9821
Reply: omega 3s and PC
Those with higher levels of omega 3 probably eat more fish.Fish is animal protein which Dr Campbell links to...More
Posted by jc3737
fat and cancer More
Posted by jc3737
vegetable fat and protein healthy? More
Posted by jc3737
Zeal for Life
I couldn't find my old post so I'm not sure what happened to it. I have back problems, panic issues and...More
Posted by ilovemyzeal
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Reply: walnut oil
I taking 3 tablespoons per day.
Posted by jc3737
Reply: low fat vegan diet
nope. still can't get it. really weird. doloresMore
Posted by max9821

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Let's see.... I'm the mom of six (three hers, three mine) who used to live in Florida but now lives in the Chicago area. (Don't ask.) I&#...More

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