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low fat vegan diet
The results are not all that great.Still a great many cardio incidents.Have the benefits been greatly...More
Posted by jc3737
McDougall board
Dolores,You are one of the few on this board that has any understanding of what science really is.You question...More
Posted by jc3737
Fibers role not very significant. More
Posted by jc3737
A new study on sugar
Sugar is not as bad as its rep according to this study. ...More
Posted by jc3737
salt More
Posted by Anon_605
A problem with low sodium diets is that goitrogens may be more likley to damage the thyroid.Goitrogens like...More
Posted by jc3737
Why does a low sodium diet work for many people and yet several studies show that a low sodium diet is not...More
Posted by jc3737
Austrian study - vegetarians less healthy
... compared with meat eaters. ...More
Posted by heretk
Interesting article but wrong. More
Posted by jc3737
Watch this if you have ever tried to alkalize your body by eating alkaline foods or trying alkaline water. ...More
Posted by jc3737
do older women need more protein?
My wife thinks so,but doesn't more protein lead to more cancer and kidney disease? ...More
Posted by jc3737
??? More
Posted by jc3737
The Venus Factor
I've been seeing videos and looked at some reviews of "The Venus Factor" by John Barban. Is it legit? Is the...More
Posted by mv9713
more protein not harmful to bones More
Posted by jc3737
Anti-Inflammatory Diet?
Is anyone familiar with the Anti-Inflammatory Diet and if so did it help. Am just curious as I have some...More
Posted by marybethg
does weight matter?
Maybe not as much as we think.But that must not apply to those who are very heavy...300lbs or so. Almost all...More
Posted by jc3737
My discussion wit Dr Sinatar
From my discussion with Dr Sinatra: "What about regular white potatoes?I changed my diet to feature potatoes...More
Posted by jc3737
Dr Sinatra
I spoke with Dr Stephen Sinatra and asked him about The China Study and the work of Dr Esselstyn.Here is his...More
Posted by jc3737
Fasting and postprandial plasma free amino acids of infants and children consuming exclusively potato protein. ...More
Posted by jc3737
Legumes and meat analogues consumption are associated with hip fracture risk independently of meat intake among...More
Posted by jc3737
Maker's Diet Article Just got done doing the Maker's Diet and was...More
Posted by jonesinidaho
Bladder infections from Chicken
Hi folks, This is an amazing article on bacterial contamination from chicken, especially. This is also a...More
Posted by engineerguy
the single healthiest food
"Potatoes are a very popular food source. Unfortunately, most people eat potatoes in the form of greasy French...More
Posted by jc3737
alkalinity myth
While it is just a myth you hear the plant based doctors mention it all the time. Dolores,I got this from a...More
Posted by jc3737
Crow89 What floats your boat?
Hi Crow, Re: "However Heretics arguments are more convincing to me especially when combined with my own...More
Posted by engineerguy
Happy new year!
Where is everybody?
Posted by heretk
raspberry ketone
Does anybody know the side effects or how long u can stay on r.ketone It work but what about long termMore
Posted by marykc
McDougall bull
In all of recorded human history all successful healthy trim populations have eaten a starch based diet.Isn't...More
Posted by crow89
Having eye trouble? Butter,SFA, is better for the eyes than oils even olive oil. ...More
Posted by crow89

Spotlight: Member Stories

Let's see.... I'm the mom of six (three hers, three mine) who used to live in Florida but now lives in the Chicago area. (Don't ask.) I&#...More

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Zeal for Life
I couldn't find my old post so I'm not sure what happened to it. I have back problems, panic issues and anxiety disorder since childhood. ... More
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