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MS and the high animal fat diet
From website (testimonials) (since posts with the hyperlinks tend to disappear, I will quote...More
Posted by heretk
Nathan Pritikin
Go to my blog by searching stan-heretic on google, then click on a link titled "Nathan Pritikin" on the left...More
Posted by heretk
This has nothing to do with diet but it backs up prior discussions we have had about science and...More
Posted by jc3737
J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2011 Oct;96(10):3170-4. doi: 10.1210/jc.2011-1518. Epub 2011 Aug 3. Type of dietary...More
Posted by jc3737
med diet More
Posted by jc3737
Eggs vs cigarettes nobrainer
Dr. Greger's "no brainer": What does...More
Posted by heretk
more on vit D
Tons of data on vit D....not good to let it get low More
Posted by jc3737
vit D and insulin resistance More
Posted by jc3737
I always heard that fish and omega 3s hepled to pervent dementia but apparently that not the case according to...More
Posted by jc3737
vit D and Diabetes
A study from Bulgaria shows that giving vitamin D supplements to diabetics during the winter markedly improved...More
Posted by jc3737
Are multi vitamin supplements healthy? Not if they contain ANY metals such as Fe,Zn,Cu,etc.Dr Bernard has some...More
Posted by jc3737
high fat diet I am trying to find some long term...More
Posted by anon615
Clinging to failed theories...
Examples: - High fat diet reduces puberty age - Junk food diet or American diet is a high fat diet -...More
Posted by heretk
Medd diet
Is it healthy? More
Posted by jc3737
From Pub Med; More
Posted by jc3737
Dr Barnard
Did anyone see Dr Barnard on Dr Oz Friday? He mentioned that the minerals in vitamins were a definite factor...More
Posted by jc3737
Looks like Dr Fuhrman may have been right about his anti-salt recommendation. ...More
Posted by jc3737
Dr. McD points out that since we have genes coded for amylase we are able to eat starches. Primates have only...More
Posted by anon615
Benefits of meat consumption - OK, maybe not
Hi folks, Here's a 4 min video. ...More
Posted by engineerguy
Dolores,Check the web MD diabetes message board and respond to my message.
Posted by jc3737
Olive oil study - more bad news for dr. mcd theory More
Posted by heretk
julia child
I just watched an old video of Julia Child, cooking with another chef. She lived to the age of 92. She sang the...More
Posted by anon615
calcium scan
Here is what I just read. "While signs of calcification from a positive scan may help predict heart disease...More
Posted by anon615
Does anyone has examples of high fat lowcarbers wh...
Do you know of any examples of Atkins or paleo heart attacks?
Posted by heretk
white rice
Older relatives in their 90s and healthy.... eating white rice and vegetables.If thats the case then why does...More
Posted by jc3737
From personal observation stents do appear to prolong life.....several realtives have had stents that ended the...More
Posted by jc3737
Are you the Lp(a) - perfect carnivore type? More
Posted by heretk
This study does not undercut the McDougall/Fuhrman type diets but it does raise some issues about the role of...More
Posted by jc3737
things diet won't cure
Fell in the kitchen. Broke hip. Had replacement. Recovering after two weeks of rehab. Least fun I ever had in...More
Posted by dteresa
The burial of the low carb myth
Hi folks, These links have extensive discussion debunking the paleo diet myths, and low carb diet myths. ...More
Posted by engineerguy

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My name is Ashley, I'm 20 years old. (5'6, 159 lbs). My interest in nutrition/living healthier started when at the age of 53 my father passed ...More

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Scientific Evidence for HCG Weight Loss
The words "scientific evidence" are being thrown around a lot recently in regard to "DIETS" and while those words appear to be "Medically ... More
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