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Reply: Is sodium unhealthy?
oops. I didn't see this and posted something similar. DoloresMore
Posted by DoloresTeresa
June, 2008, Journal of General Internal Medicine: People on a high salt diet suffer...More
Posted by DoloresTeresa
Reply: Lipidologists are saying "oops we goofed, sorry"
the number 5 is the European way of measuring cholesterol which is 200 here. 6 is...More
Posted by DoloresTeresa
Reply: Dolores - you were 95% not 75% compliant!
Even I can't say how compliant I was. I didn't eat salmon or clams everyday. And...More
Posted by DoloresTeresa
Reply: 2 hr postprandial
If I hadn't just had a heart attack, I would say that it might make a difference if...More
Posted by DoloresTeresa
track your plaque
Here is something on the track your plaque program ...More
Posted by DoloresTeresa
Reply: flax seed
Sounds good. However, I have read of similar results using seed oils and although all...More
Posted by DoloresTeresa
Reply: Dr Michale Greger
Yeah. And oily fish are supposed to prevent sudden cardiac death. It could just be...More
Posted by DoloresTeresa
Reply: Esselstyn
What approach have I decided on? I am going to be very strict with the plant based...More
Posted by DoloresTeresa
Reply: Dolores/Didi
H, I can see why people are sent home from the ER. With me, an EKG was normal and...More
Posted by DoloresTeresa