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Reply: arsenic in brown rice
I suppose it is valid for white rice too?
Posted by Tomato05
Reply: The sad end of the Calorie Restriction theory
The cal restriction studies don't give one details about the extent of calorie restriction...More
Posted by Tomato05
Reply: Exercise and ketosis
Thanks, Heretic - that is very interesting information. To me is is as if my exercise...More
Posted by Tomato05
Exercise and ketosis
Do you think a ketogenic diet is compatible with exercise? How do you fuel a workout...More
Posted by Tomato05
Reply: Mysterious good health
Yes, taking a metaphysical approach - maybe stress lets our survival techniques kick in on...More
Posted by Tomato05
Mysterious good health
I went for my annual routine blood tests as recommended by my doctor. I have osteoporosis,...More
Posted by Tomato05
Reply: High Protein - low Carb diet INCREASES heart attac...
Wonder what role exercise maybe played. Perhaps the higher carb eaters also exercised...More
Posted by Tomato05
Reply: track your plaque
Since adding more protein and fat to my diet (and lowering my carbs) my osteoporosis has...More
Posted by Tomato05
Reply: salt
Japan has one of the highest rates of smoking in the world - that could be the link with...More
Posted by Tomato05
Reply: Coconut fat and Alzheimer's
I wonder what the incidence of Alheimer's is in South East Asia. I lived in Thailand and...More
Posted by Tomato05