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I'm 38 years old, a happily married woman, and have written about losing weight, tips to losing weight, the importance of vitamins, minerals (especially magnesium!), electrolytes, and eating a whole food, plant-based diet.

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Reply: Motivation to Lose
One more motivation to lose weight: Do you want to suffer from heart disease,...More
Posted by PetuniaPea
Reply: Frustration
Some suggestions: Don't stock your food with sugary items. Phase out sugary foods...More
Posted by PetuniaPea
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Reply: Change of Taste?
Agree. I always used to say I had a sweet tooth. Ended up, I was just addicted to sugar,...More
Posted by PetuniaPea
Reply: Elimination Diet and Medication
I haven't read anywhere that you have to be off of medications to do an elimination...More
Posted by PetuniaPea
Reply: 30 lbs 10 years post-op- need jump start
I have some suggestions I hope you find useful: 1. Don't take the diet pills! Trust...More
Posted by PetuniaPea
Reply: Calorie Deficit Without Weight!
Your body has a mind of it's own and is saying that it likes being 140lbs, it's a...More
Posted by PetuniaPea
Reply: Burning more fat than calories
Based on the replies, you can see the all the confusion...because your question was...More
Posted by PetuniaPea
Reply: i have problem with passing stool
Now I'm not a doctor or expert, but from what it sounds like, you are not drinking...More
Posted by PetuniaPea
Reply: Oxyelite Pro
Everything you mentioned sounds GREAT, yes I agree, great pointers...but you lost me at...More
Posted by PetuniaPea
Reply: 30 Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting
Yes, and no diet pills required! Seems like everyone wants a magic pill these...More
Posted by PetuniaPea