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Finally in my fifties I have changed my lifestyle for the better. For so many years I just played around with fitness and better eating. After retiring from a 25 year career where I put 80,000 km a year traveling by car and working 60 hours a week or more negotiating labor contracts not only was my health starting to suffer but my back could barely hold me upright anymore. In 2005 I remarried. My husband has always made fitness a priority in his life. He has been my inspiration and so that year I hired a personal trainer. In 2006 I retired from my crazy job and went to work in his business. I can't tell you how much my health and my fitness has improved. I am certainly not perfect and I struggle with getting to the gym and staying on track. We are in the hospitality business and so our lifestyle is a bit crazy - late nights on the weekends, lots of entertaining, that sort of thing. However the one thing that has changed for me is my health comes first. Proper eating, getting enough sleep, meditating and yoga as well as weight training - this is my new life and I wouldn't go back to my old habits even if I could. I am a grandmother now and am happy to report that so far my stamina is strong enough to really enjoy my grandchildren, my husband and children and my life to the fullest!!

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My intention is to live life to the fullest, be as healthy as I can be and to savor each moment as though it was the greatest gift of all!!
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