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Joined: 11/15/2012
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My name is Matan and I am a trainer and nutritional advisor specializing in obesity.

Part of the struggle excess fat and achieving a healthy lifestyle, exercise is very important indeed, but the main effort should be invested first proper nutrition and sensible.

For any high-fat food there is a substitute healthy, nutritious and delicious no less!
To know how to plan your daily meals and not be tempted by junk-foods, we must prepare in advance.

Before heading you should look well on your plate:
How many calories you eat? Are they all necessary? Some fat into? Is there enough protein? What is the amount of vitamins meal? And many more questions are needed…

The struggle overweight should begin with the best resources and the best means is knowledge.

What I recommend to my clients I also suggest that you,
Instead of spending the money on people who have the knowledge, let you buy the knowledge for yourselves!

The questions and problems you can always upload in this forum.

Good Luck!!

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