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Trouble with the WebMD Food and Fitness Planner
This is my first week with the WebMD Food and Fitness Planner and am finding it ridiculously difficult to...More
Posted by connieakacici
Newbie Checking in
Not new to WebMD, but new to community. Diagnosed with Hashimoto's early this year and have gained 10 pounds...More
Posted by monalizzie
Buying veggies; frozen or fresh
I am just like everyone that want to change their diets, exercise, etc. for the good. When I shop I usually...More
Posted by cindigal
lack of motivation
This has probably been discussed prior, however, I need assistance. My cholesterol is elevated, that doesn't...More
Posted by An_253294
2 lbs a week - tips?
I'm currently 6 lbs in to a 25 lbs weight loss and am having a little trouble consistently losing 2 lbs a week...More
Posted by ArenGirl
10 pounds that must go (social)
Hi I'm trying to lose 10 lbs and I was looking for people to interact with or become friends with that are on...More
Posted by Skie1114
starting up
After a 6 month break I am ready to get back in shape. I feel it is necessary for me to feel better. My...More
Posted by bethgronland
Need different ideas for meals
Do you ever getting tired of eating the same thing all the time. I love chicken and cook it every way except...More
Posted by cindigal
Binge eating
I have come close to my goal weight of 140 twice this year. My problem is binge eating. My diet is perfect,...More
Posted by angelgreen
Do you drink diet soda?
So I am definitely a Diet Coke addict. I have heard even diet sodas can keep weight on you, and that they can...More
Posted by An_252903
I started doing this DVD....I love it
I started doing this DVD again that I forgot about and I am doing it everyday because it's so energizing. I...More
Posted by cindigal
hcg weight loss
This is very important for our physical health. It is one if the hcg weight loss latest products...More
Posted by wisherumis
hi.. i'm new here. need advice
I have lost about 90 lbs. in the last 10 months and now I am 12 lbs away from my goal of 110. I am...More
Posted by tired_confused
hi.. i'm new here. need advice
I have lost about 90 lbs. in the last 10 months and now I am 12 lbs away from my goal of 110. I am...More
Posted by tired_confused
What about brown rice..??
I just was reading a post in another group regarding rice and corn and how they are the worse to cook because...More
Posted by cindigal
Hello everyone, I'm new here :)
Hello everyone, I was searching through webMD and thought this community would be exceptionally motivating....More
Posted by AliceDV91
Jorge Cruise has this book called 100: Count ONLY...
Has anyone see Jorge Cruise on Tv or read any of his books. I saw this article he wrote about sugar and carbs....More
Posted by cindigal
HI, Newbie here
I've set a goal to lose 15-20Ib and thought it would be motivational to interact with people who also...More
Posted by awesomelyfit8
I Want to reduce 5kgs with in 45 days
Hi Every one, I am krishna .. i am 75 kgs .. i want to reduce 5 kgs . I am going to jogg 3 kms and doing 20...More
Posted by krishna_9
Can't lose weight, and making 110% effort
I've been trying to lose weight for 6 mos... May 8th I started getting REALLY serious about it since I...More
Posted by Christine87
Sugar Struggles
Any one have any suggestions to beat sugar cravings?
Posted by behealthy629
Two weeks since I stopped topamax
It's been two weeks since we stopped topamax and I feel fine. No side effects since. I posted a lengthy post...More
Posted by cindigal
Struggle with 10 pounds
Hello, I am desperate to lose 10 pounds. I weigh 132 pounds. height 163 cm. And I am 27. I have tried the...More
Posted by YasminHosny
weight plateau
I have lost 6 pounds and have been stuck for two weeks. My dietician put me on 1200 calories and 1500 mg...More
Posted by Femalesetter
I am frustrated about this
I thought I was doing everything right until I went to the doctor yesterday. Well, i don't have a scale to...More
Posted by cindigal
Eating calories back
the calculations of how much I should eat gives me 1561 cals per day...the question if I burn 200 calories by...More
Posted by An_252109
27 pounds to loose but on Plateau
I am 5'1'' have already lost 32lbs and still have 27 to lose but I have been on a long time Plateau. I am 65...More
Posted by An_252109
lose weigh
Hi I am trying to lose 20 lbs but nothing is working.
Posted by okoroes
Please help me
Hello, so I'm 5/5" and I currently weigh about 143lbs (fluctuating wieght). I went through a lot to get this...More
Posted by jjamjjam
Help. Need to lose not abuse myself mentally. I get so sad when I dont lose fast. I have now lost 6...More
Posted by CarollovesRay

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Fast Weight Loss Now
I will be brief since everyone has covered everything you need know nicely. My only tip; if you want to lose ____lbs.(boyfriends weight) ... More
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