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Reply: Stuck in Middle Age Frustration
What you're describing is natural aging and our inability to accept, less is more. A...More
Posted by brunosbud
Reply: HCG injections...
factsprovider, What a beautiful Christmas sentiment! Give the X-mas gift to your...More
Posted by brunosbud
Reply: Trouble with the WebMD Food and Fitness Planner
Good post! A lot of common sense, here... From my perspective, I've never understood the...More
Posted by brunosbud
Reply: starting up
Every story of successful, long term weight loss I've read in the last 20 years...More
Posted by brunosbud
Reply: Do you drink diet soda?
First, there was Cyclamates . But, after 10 years, they found it caused cancer in lab...More
Posted by brunosbud
Reply: hcg weight loss
the article was written in 2011... In 2012, the FDA and the Federal Trade Commission...More
Posted by brunosbud
Reply: Sugar Struggles
Eat a balanced diet rich in whole foods. Sugar cravings are a hormonal reaction to your...More
Posted by brunosbud
Reply: Between Lives--Trying to be my best before real li...
MBZ802, that's a good suggestion about walking with friends and family. It makes walking...More
Posted by brunosbud
Reply: Losing 20 lbs
Do you believe what your doctor said about the weight "coming off by itself"? The...More
Posted by brunosbud
Reply: Psychological health insurance and individual real...
OK, I get it. So, do you think I should eat less carbs?
Posted by brunosbud