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Joined: 11/09/2011
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Hi! I'm Ashleigh and I'm 20 years old trying to turn my life into a healthy one! I have over comed a lot of challenges and continue to expierence new ones every single day. I suffer from depression and bulimia nervosa. I spend day in and out trying to over come these challenges, but it's what I want. My story is actually a same as a lot of prospective hopefuls on here, I want to be healthy and happy with my body. Even though I may have a some-what larger obsticale to over come, I want the same rewards and I'm in search of people who can relate and I can do the same in return! My starting recordings are I'm 20 years old, 5'7 and 140 lbs. My goal is 130 lbs of pure, lean and happy Ashleigh.

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