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August 2011 I was at a point in my life that i was ready to accept the extra weight i was gaining. Metabolism slows down with age. Exercise is difficult when you lack energy. A very good friend had recommended cleansing with a specific program and I have to admit I was skeptical. I did try diets and a cleansing method previous with little to no success. I would lose 5lbs but gain back 7 back. After researching the program I thought I'd give it a shot. In 30 days I lost 20 lbs and went down almost 3 pant sizes. You could just imagine my excitement and my husbands reaction. I felt great, had more energy then i could explain, I looked great and was sleeping so much better. My husband decided it was his turn, he wanted to feel and get the same results. With 2 serious back operations and lack of exercise his weight was an all time high. Well I'm thrilled to report he lost 22lb in 30 days. He weighed less then when we got married 10 years prior. Well, all our friends and family wanted to know what we did and how can they get started. So I began a journey helping others get healthy. In over a year, I have not only lost over 20lbs (reached my goal weight) but i have helped so many people do the same. If you are ready to make a change and get healthy please contact me or join my FB group Isa-Journey at here members share their experience, tips, recipes and so much more to help motivate and keep you on track. I truly hope you make a decision to take charge of your healthy and contact me. I know this will work for you. The company offers a 100% money back guarantee what do you have to lose?

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August 2011 I was at a point in my life that i was ready to accept the extra weight...More
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