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Fast weight loss
I bought the hcg diet at and lost 18lbs in 10 days using the HCG Triumph.More
Posted by An_254212
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lose weight and fat fast
did a review of a product that helped my wife and some close friends lose weight and fat in a short time if...More
Posted by dirk61
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Effective Garcinia Cambogia Tips before buying
Always remember that diet alone will help you lose weight because fat loss is ninety nine percent nutrition...More
Posted by An_254531
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Tips to reduce weight
1. Indulge in fat releasing foods like honey, eggs, shrimp. 2. Drink a total of 64 ounces of water at regular...More
Posted by kattys
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Girls/Guys best Friend
I needed a few friends to exercise with. It helped with the down days when i didnt have the energy or didnt...More
Posted by julesinfo
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Healthy eating plan for healthy living - INFOGRAPH...
A healthy diet is one that helps maintain or improve general health.Choose a change that you can make...More
My advice - do not become a full out vegan, its hard work and you will struggle in the long run.It is absolutely essential that you get the important nutrients.
Posted by lissacoffey
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remember good food is okay!
instead of ignoring cravings, just eat a yummy, healthy snack! starving yourself solves nothing.
Posted by anna141
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Fast Weight Loss Now
I will be brief since everyone has covered everything you need know nicely. My only tip; if you want to lose...More
Posted by freetoday
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Trying to lose the last few pounds.
I think a good way is to shock the body with 20 minutes of intense calisthenics followed with a 45 minute...More
Posted by elvismedina
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Buddy System
Over the past 2 yrs. I have lost 37 lbs. I had a buddy, my first cousin. We'd both been blessed with the...More
Posted by Anon_152141
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Easy Weight Loss Tip
Make half of every plate fruits or vegetables. Eat them first, drink a large glass of water and wait a few...More
Posted by cookiec1963
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Newcomer Tips
In the past we had a Diet Club FAQ: we frequently referred newcomers to it-because it had some great...More
Posted by Louise_WebMD_Staff
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Diet Clubs-All of them!
Dieting Club: 10 - 25 Lbs Exchange Dieting Club: 25 - 50 Lbs Exchange Dieting Club: 50 -...More
Posted by Louise_WebMD_Staff
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Break the Ramen Habit
I can easily get into a habit of buying ramen and eating it. As a processed food-this can truly be...More
Posted by Louise_WebMD_Staff
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Make a Weekend Plan
Know how you will get through the weekend on track by making a plan each weekend: Here is a format...More
Posted by Louise_WebMD_Staff
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10 Tips for Fast Cooking
10 Tips for Fast Cooking . Who has the time to cook anymore?More
Posted by An_201802
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Spotlight: Member Stories

And so it begins........I went through something very stressful a year ago and dropped 40 lbs in 2 months. I looked better that I have in a very very ...More

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Diet Clubs-All of them!
Dieting Club: 10 - 25 Lbs Exchange Dieting Club: 25 - 50 Lbs Exchange Dieting Club: 50 - 100 Lbs Exchange Dieting Club: 100+ ... More
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