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Well here I am. Where I said I would not be after gaining and losing 25 pounds in the early 90's. I thought after stopping smoking I was well on my way to living to be 100. Then life set in and here I am looking at 115 lbs to lose. I used to weight 150 and at 5'7" felt and looked good. Now at 263 I find I have trouble getting in my car. I don't go to the stores anymore my son does all the shopping. My brother cleans my house for me. Thank God I have family to help me with all this. I'm 65 years young. I say that because I never have felt my age nor believed that age has anything to do with enjoying life. But this is not the life I enjoy or had planned for myself in my senior years. That is why I am here. I have a granddaughter who lost her mother and needs to have me around to see her graduate college, marry, and have kids of her own. I am tired of being on the outside looking in. There is so much more living for me to do. The weight is stopping me and it has got to go now and forever. I can see my life as I want it to be like a picture of the things I wanted in retirement. Looking forward to achieving my goal and celebrating with all my new friends. This is the first day of the rest of my life the way I want it to be. DETERMINATION AND COMMITTMENT.

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