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Joined: 10/17/2011
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I'm defined by what has happened to my family, and more recently by y failures. I eat to "feel" good, even though that feeling is fleeting. I try to keep busy, be involved in a variety of things, I need to feel like I am "doing" something, I need to be useful. My entire family is "big", food was a reward or a comfort, that's how I grew up. I don't want that for my kids. I look in a mirror and wonder why that "huge" butt is following me, how did I lose my neck under all those chins and why are the rolls on my abdomen the same size as my breasts. Yes, that's all pretty graphic, but it's what I see, what I feel. I want to see and feel differently but I lack the support, the kick in the behind. I'm looking for those things.

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Good Intentions
Thats how I started, always start this. I have been sick w/a cold for 3days which goes...More
Posted by Badjenetix68
Reply: October 17, 2011!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations on feeling good.
Posted by Badjenetix68
Just a hello
As many others are, I am new to site. I have a not unique story, have tried changing...More
Posted by Badjenetix68