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My Story:
Mom of 6 in a blended family (3 of the children have flown the nest now). In 2009, my mother moved in with us. She has diabetes, heart disease, and was morbidly obese--385 lbs. As of August 2010, she is down to 225 lbs and getting around better every day. Her progress makes us all proud of her--though some days trying to teach a 74 year old woman to make healthy choices rots.

About a decade ago, I took off 100 lbs. I never quite reached my goal weight but did reach a weight I seemed comfortable with instead.

Recently I have added pounds. I joke that my partner and I find my mother's shed pounds. I am back to making baby steps to losing the extra weight and finding a comfortable weight for my body.

My partner recently has cut out night snacking and started exercising--her first attempts to purposely shed weight in her life.

My constant and workable tip that has allowed me to keep the weight off for so long: Make baby steps. Don't change everything in your life at once. Pick a few small things. Make those a habit. Add on a new small thing each week and make it habit too. Soon you have a list of good, healthy habits that have you shedding weight and more importantly, when you reach your goal--those habits are so ingrained, you don't fall immediately back to regaining the weight.

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