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Seems I came in the right day, frustrating too
Seems its been months. I have doing exercising, go to the gym here at the apt, go either...More
Posted by cindigal
Who is on Weight Watchers.?
My two sisters joined weight watchers but they are 3 hrs away from me. I tipped my hat to...More
Posted by cindigal
I want my dairy
I don't know about all these new diets that tell you to omit dairy. It's not I have alot...More
Posted by cindigal
Everyday I see a new diet on TV.
In the past week or so I saw different things or some news about certain foods or new...More
Posted by cindigal
New Year. New You
Everyone is jumping on the band wagon to commit to either diet, exercise or both. We have...More
Posted by cindigal
Have to change diet, again
So I went to my 5 month check-up to the doc. I thought I was doing right, to my dismayed I...More
Posted by cindigal
What's a good cereal if your on low-carb diet
I love cereals and but majority of them alot of carbs. I look for low sugar cereal also,...More
Posted by cindigal
Bean eating Greek yogurt, peanut butter, now const...
I started to eat for the better; buy non-fat Greek yogurt when I shop (quart of it). I...More
Posted by cindigal
What diet are you on...??
With all the mentioned diets listed in this site, who doesn't get confused with them. When...More
Posted by cindigal
Confusion over different diets out there
You know when a year starts, everyone pitches their diet on TV or online. In this site...More
Posted by cindigal