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What about brown rice....??
I just was reading a post in another group regarding rice and corn and how they are the...More
Posted by cindigal
Jorge Cruise has this book called 100: Count ONLY...
Has anyone see Jorge Cruise on Tv or read any of his books. I saw this article he wrote...More
Posted by cindigal
Great advice I got
I finally got a great response to one of posts regarding fruit and sugar. I posted lengthy...More
Posted by cindigal
Two weeks after I stopped the topamax
It's been two weeks since we stopped topamax and I feel fine. No side effects since. I...More
Posted by cindigal
I have been buying fresh veggies .....
It's that time to shop again. I go to Walmart for everything. The first section when you...More
Posted by cindigal
Is anyone besides me is transfixed with "DWTS"
For those are not in the NOW get with The BUZZ everywhere is "Dancing with the...More
Posted by cindigal
The show.. Dr Phil " The Fat debate show"
Did anyone catch the Dr. Phil "The Fat Debate"other day. It was Tues and continued till...More
Posted by cindigal
Water......I am drinking more
Soo....yesterday I perused some of the diets that are listed in the boards, just curious....More
Posted by cindigal
Reply: Changed to another med....
Thanks for the reply. All that time, I forgot all about the smoking that I did for over 30...More
Posted by cindigal
Changed to another med....
I went to the three month check up (what a day to go...). I was wishing that the weight be...More
Posted by cindigal