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My name is Brittany and at my weight peak, I was approximatley 390lbs, over the course of a few years and a more regular diet I had gotten to 260 and stayed there until I was 18, when I turned 18 I buckled down and lost approximatley 100lbs by the time I was 19, however I wanted to get down to 130, and this past year I have held steady but never seemed to lose, and then after the holidays I stepped on the scale and boom. I'm back up to 170, my husband is being very supportive coming to Yoga with me and Deep Water Workout but I am very disheartened because when we got enaged in June I was determinded to be 130 for our December wedding, and I just didn't do it, now I'm wanting to have a baby in four years and I know I need to be 130lb for that because of all the risks linked with high BMI and pregnancy, and beyond that I'd like to be able to just get it done now so I can enjoy a few years of being, normal sized. Even though I've lost so much weight I'm 20 years old and I have a stomach flap (No kids!) and enough arm flab I think I could probably fly, so my battle will be losing, and then toning, and it's very disheartening that when I look in the mirror now, I still see my 300lb teenage self because of how dissapointed I am in myself. I need to make myself accountable, so I'm making this post and hoping someone out there can kick my butt enough to make me stick too it! I think starting in highschool was great because lets face it, the bullies pushed, and then maintinaing in University was easy enough because of the peer pressure, now I'm graduating in a year and doing online school and working full time, at a desk and I always seem to be surrounded by Tim Hortons, and I keep saying "Oh once in awhile a bite wont hurt" but clearly it's hurting!

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