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Joined: 02/05/2010
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Hi In the beginning I wasn't trying to lose weight I was increasing my fruits vegies and reducing sweets to improve my vision that took a bad turn, it turned out to be a great plan for weight loss and helped out my health at the same time.. I was losing approx. 10 pounds a month as I went along. It slowed to 6 pounds a month around 160 pounds. I plateaued for a year then took the last 5pounds off and have been maintaining since. I called my plan Judys Nutrition quest. I was striving for balanced Nutrition and 1300 -1600 calories it is really hard to get all your nutrients in on 1200 or less so I increased to the 1300 -1600. It worked great for me I had already established a walking program 45 minutes most days of the week 6 for me. I added weight lifting small weights near the end of my weight loss 2 days a week and yoga too .. The first 50 pounds came of fast in 5 months then things slowed down ...but didn;t stop till I was 160 pounds I was 1 year into my plan at that point.. Eating only good for me foods seemed to make the difference in my health too. My BP used to be 155 over 90 today it is 119 over 64 what a difference. My Vision is stable no longer advancing towards blindness I read someplace that fatty foods made this macular degeneration worse that was my inspiration for change,., I went from 247 to 151

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