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Several Tips
From mid-March to mid-October I lost 50 pounds. My diet was genuinely spartan. Here's what I learned to do. 1....More
Posted by dncagent
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Small changes add up
I am completing my 1st week of lifestyle changes, trying not to use the word "diet". 1) Started my changes on...More
Posted by newljx
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treat day
I am just starting my healthy lifestyle change again in the last 4 weeks, this being my 4th week. I won't...More
Posted by steeleblack
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Grain free, dairy free diet works the best for dra...
If you want to lose a significant amount of weight you might want to try a grain, and dairy free deit. This...More
Posted by An_256282
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Biggest Loser Wanna Be
Just came back from a conference and heard Dr. Dansinger from the Biggest Loser speak. He was very...More
Posted by Born2Btwiggy
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So many success stories!!!
I have been taking all natural nutritional supplements for over a year now. These products are...More
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Check your medical insurance website - you may fin...
Hi folks, I see a lot of stories out there, same as mine. I'm over 55 (just) and added about 40 pounds overall...More
Posted by MKissFL
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need help..
Hi,I m exchange student in USA! I m 17.. when i came here i was 108 lbs but now i am 145 lbs! First days,i...More
Posted by An_249925
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back slider
New to this group - Need to lose 43 pounds yet. Have been at a plateau for over a year. Have lost 45 pounds...More
Posted by madgeb
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Motivational Tool to help you make your commitment...
I've lost over 40 lbs during the last year and recently I came across what I think is a great motivational...More
Posted by Ganman55
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Thank you Web MD, my partner and mentor! I did...
On Dec 26, 2012 at 242lbs, I started my journey to a new body! I reached my goal of 200 today, April 9th....More
Posted by Ganman55
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A miracle beverage
Hey guys! Hope you all are well. Ok so I've been on here just a few days and came across loads of info. I've...More
Posted by msaigol
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Some motivation tips! Laugh it off!
I needed a little humor today and found some great funny sayings on the internet (Thanks Dan Worona ) to help...More
Posted by Ganman55
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Early Food Log
I log my food in the beginning of the day. This helps me stay on track. If I eat something I didn't...More
Posted by YolandaDexter
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Early Food Log
I log my food in the beginning of the day. This helps me stay on track. If I eat something I didn't...More
Posted by YolandaDexter
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online weight loss
I read an article a few weeks ago that stated folks that go online to lose weight are very successful. So here...More
Posted by borntobe
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"S" Strategy
So after yo-yoing for years and never being completely happy with my body, my Mom and I started in with a...More
Posted by wellviewed
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Play the office version of The Biggest Loser
Some of my friends have started a "Biggest Loser" competiton in their office and have found it a great...More
Posted by Ganman55
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One step at a time..
I keep the eye on the prize... I am trying despertly to loose 1 lb a week not too much to ask..right???Well...More
Posted by jmayberry
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5 Best Ways To Lose Weight
When you are dealing with a phenomenon as diverse as human beings, it is very difficult to create rules which...More
Posted by James2ben
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Measure Serving sizes
This is a little annoying but it is key to losing weight- trust me it works. While I was pregnant I gained 60...More
Posted by Ech1dna
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Exercise the fun way
One way I exercise is to go bowling. It's more fun than a gym, you can join a league,meet new people. no one...More
Posted by grandma347
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hi f you really wanna lose weight stop to eat after 6 pm and before 9 am plus active life More
Posted by antonoffa
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Life style
Hi, friends! I have changed my lifestyle in small steps that are working. I have lost 26.5 pounds since the...More
Posted by Fruitland
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Weigh Loss by Christmas
Try using Spark people Web site. Its FREE and has LOTS of pointers and has teams to join for support and features...More
Posted by onkjp
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Jogging stroller!
I bought a jogging stroller, and it's the best fitness investment I've made. I can't use the excuse that I...More
Posted by wwilson89
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Spotlight: Member Stories

Hi, my name is Janie. I'm 21 years old and am here to lose weight, my goal weight is 140 lbs and it's so hard to do it. I am considered obese ...More

Helpful Tips

Motivational Tool to help you make your commitment to lose weight.
I've lost over 40 lbs during the last year and recently I came across what I think is a great motivational tool for those wanting to start ... More
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