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I stepped on a scale while driving on a road trip and was horrified to realize I weighed 40 pounds more than I thought I did. Talk about denial-- I thought of myself as "twentypoundsoverweight" Ha! I was sixty, and realizing it made me very depressed. Hours later, still on the drive, I stopped at a friend's house to visit, and she made a pot of tea and a cake. It wasn't even the kind of cake I like, but in the past I would have eaten two pieces (just to be polite...would have been my excuse) I passed on the cake even though she offered it several times. That's how it goes, offers of food are everywhere, and most people urge you to eat. Even I did it, so I know it is just how things are. I said no to the cake that day, and started taking books and fitness DVDs out of the library. I wanted to design my own program and do it without any personal trainer or expenses like a gym membership or fancy machines or accessories. When my birthday came around I asked for these things-- yoga mat, resistance bands, gift certificates to Eastern Mountain Sports, and everyone complied!
(These same people were not supportive about de-junkfooding the house, but they were generous with my birthday request.)
So I had some fitness clothes, and went hiking and did t'ai chi, and pilates, and tried to keep up with some yoga DVDs, I realized I didnt need to be perfect, just to be ACTIVE. And I had to learn there would always be cake-- it wasn't going to vanish from the planet, it will be there next month, next week, or even tomorrow. Often I still forgo the cake -- it used to mean so much to me, but now it's no longer a good comforting friend. it's just some flour and butter and sugar. The old saying about cake is so true ...

Sliver Slice Slab SLOB
Cake is still cake but I'm a BLOB.

that was me. I could see and feel that I was turning into a blob.
I took it slow, and I'm maintaining now.

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