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I just saw the group for the first time today. Hello, three years ago I was a size 24, now I am an 8 and have one size to go. I had a hard time with shoe strings and seats at movies and sleeping on my side was crushing my hip. I am 49 now and have little sagging. I woke up and decided that I was going to concentrate on me! Wow , yes me...that was a huge beginning. Step 2 was to weigh and write it on my wrist or palm. I decided I was not going to gain another pound! EVER! So I started with water aerobics 3 X a week and built from there. I went on one diet, sick of that went off a day or two and started another! Hear that part...keep going, as something got to big...GET RID OF IT...hey you saving it so you can get big again...NO...and so on...Thoughts of the mind...keep after their kind...Think about control you and that is all that can I took well care of 3 children all in college or graduated by now, a husband who was sick and died 09-09-08 and I still persevered, No comments effected me, oh your annerexic, you are loosing to on and so on...they will try to sabatash you...your best friends and anyone, jelous, keep going, eat right and exercise...only way. Look up zero calorie foods, look up lowest calorie fruits...READ the Ladels so much different, I do not buy a loaf of bread or any thing with out comparing it to another, don't read the front...look for least carbs, to calorie, least sugar and high fiber, last sodium. Edies Loaded Chocolate Chip Ice cream is not much different per serving as Weight Watchers Icecrean Sunday Look for real....Good Luck Linda

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only use a saucer
Do not eat off a plat, only a saucer, never eat more than your fist at a time and 6 to 8...More
Fall down seven times Pick your self up eight!
Thoughts of the mind produce after their kind, think about it :  )
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Reply: Goal Weight
I just saw the group for the first time today. Hello, three years ago I was a size 24, now...More
Posted by webi1961