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Hello - My name is Angel - and I have four children (as you can probably tell by my user name!) I am a part-time pediatric/pregnancy dietitian and a full time wife and mom.

I have struggled to not be overweight my entire life. My ideal body weight is 90-110 pounds - which I never have been nor will I ever be (my frame is just not meant to be that weight). When I was in college I exercised A LOT (up to four hours a day - but mostly 2 hours a day). I really watched what I ate. And with that I was still 120-130 pounds (overweight for my 5'1/2" height). My entire family is large - thus I don't think I was ever really meant to be super tiny!

We tried for many years to get pregnant - then - finally - we did. At 23 weeks we lost that baby. I was devastated - and stopped eating. When we lost the baby I was 150# - and I ended up losing 20 pounds in a month because I just stopped eating after that. Then - two months later - I became pregnant again. At that point I was 130#. Due to many complications in the pregnancy I was put on bed rest at 8 weeks and remained on bed rest until week 42 when I delivered my baby. I was 240# when I delivered him (a lot if it was water - because of one of the complications). When all the fluid and everything went away I ended up at 175# - and there I stayed.

My son was born sick - so I admit that I really didn't watch what I ate or do much more than walking for the next couple of years. Two years after my son came my daughter - and then my base weight was 180#. Years continued to go by - still trying to make my son healthy - and my weight gradually went up to 195# - which was when I became pregnant again. This time it was twins. I was very sick during this pregnancy - ended up on bed rest again (this time for only 10 weeks) - but after I delivered them and everything went back down I found that I was 180#. At that point I decided I was never going to see 190# again.

We all know how that goes. Now I am 194#. I hate being overweight - and I hate being an overweight dietitian! The comments I hear from my peers is terrible. I exercise 5 days a week now and I am training for a 1/2 marathon. I try to eat right - but with four kids and a job I do admit that we sometimes have mac n cheese for dinner. I don't snack - my biggest problem is serving sizes - which I am really trying to get control of.

So here I am - hopefully we can all work together to lose this weight together. What I tell myself when I jog is that I gained this weight one bite at a time - thus I must lose it one step at a time. I will happily try to help anyone out who needs it!

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