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Joined: 09/21/2010
My Story:
I've always been over weight my entire life. Over the past couple years I have been on and off again with diets & joining gyms. About a couple months ago I decided that this was it, I was going to finally lose the wieght. I was originally 226 lbs. I sucessfully lost 28 lbs and was down to 198 lbs. Unfourtunally, I fell off the wagon and gained a couple lbs back. I decided to reach out to others who are going through the same thing in order to sustain a support group. I look forward to meeting new friends & to learn of other's advice.

9/21/10 - Weight: 205 lbs Goal: 145 lbs Need to lose: 60 lbs to go!
10/14/10 - Weight: 200 lbs. 55 lbs to go!
10/19/10- Weight 197.5 lbs. 52.5 lbs to go!
10/22/10- Weight: 195.5 lbs. 50.5 lbs to go!
11/15/10- Weight: 192.5 lbs(recovering from going back to 203 lbs).47lbs to go!
12/13/10 - Weight: 190 lbs.( recovering from going back to 197 lbs) 45 lbs to go!
12/20/10 - Weight: 186 lbs. 41 lbs to go!
04/18/11 - Weight: 178 lbs. 33 lbs to go!
04/20/11 - Weight 176.5 lbs.31.5 lbs to go!
05/16/11 - Weight 174.8 lbs. 29.8 lbs to go!

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Reply: My weight loss journey
You look like a whole new you! This is very inspiring. Hopefully, I will eventually be...More
22 y/o 5'4 SW:226 lbs CW:201 lbs GW:145 lbs
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Food Facts TV every Weds @ 12 pm
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