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Joined: 03/10/2011
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I am 21. In November of 2010 I tipped the scales at 280 lbs. I was depressed because of me weight. With my wedding coming up in June 2011, I knew I needed to change. I began running, lifting, and dieting. At the 17 week mark, I had lost 70 lbs, my current weight is 210. My original goal by June was 200, but now I am trying to blow past that to 180 lbs with 14 more weeks until the wedding as of today, March 10th. That will be a total of 100 lbs lost in 31 weeks, amazing in my mind.

I was always fit in high school, playing football and working out constantly allowed me to eat whatever whenever. Unfortunately, my habits kept up with me in college. Fast food, soda, sweet tea, fried chicken, and lots of carbs caused me to go from my fit 230 to a fat 280 in about 3 years. I have undone that and more in the past 17 weeks. Still got 30 lbs to go, and I know I can do it!

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