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Joined: 07/11/2012
My Story:
I started my weight loss on March 20 2012 at 234 pounds. I am going toward a goal of 125 lbs and body fat percent of 20%...
Weighed in at 155.6 on November 19th 2012. 8 days before my son's birthday.
*update 1/4/13: Weighed in at 145.2*
*update 2/28/13: Weighed in at 137.2*
*update 5/24/13: weighed in at 133.4*
*update 10/30/13: weighed in at 142.2*
*update 1/30/14* Weighed in at 136.0
*update 2/27/14: Weighed in at 133.2*

I have been away for a while. I (as you can see above) have gained a few of my pounds back. I am still in a healthy BMI and I had my body fat percentage tested and that was within healthy range as well. I have also done some bloodwork and my numbers are all GREAT! Even my waist size is good according to doctors :) Makes me feel awesome that getting my weight down effected all parts of my health!

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