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Joined: 01/26/2012
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Let me start by saying ... Last time I was a Size 4 was Toddlers. I have always been well padded. I think my whole adult life I was pretty much bouncing between size 14 and size 16 clothes. I was constantly dieting with every new fad diet that came along. THEN I quit smoking after 36 years. I was already 175 lbs when I quit and gained an additional 20 lbs. at the same time I was on constant steroids for 2 years straight during and following quitting smoking .. come to find out I had moved into a house that was full of black mold and had taken 2 years for it to rear it's ugly head ..long story short.. I put on 20 more and along with that I was verrrrrrry unhappy in my job which was causing me to EAT. Needless to say .. Jan 10, 2012 I went for my physical and weighed in 222.2 lbs. Time to do something about it. I started walking out in the field beside my new job and started watching what I was eating. I accidently found WebMD's Food & Fitness Planner and immediately started using it. Then I found this wonderful community. The rest shall we say is history!
January 10th 222.2 lbs
January 26th 213.4 lbs when I found site.
March 1st 202 lbs. I also added in ActivTrax at the Y to help with Fitness
April 1st 196 lbs.
May 1st 193 lbs.
June 1st 196 lbs. I slipped and fell and it hurt like heck.
July 1st 193 lbs.
Sept. 1st 203 lbs ... back to square one .. learning to crawl again .. it's not hard to go back up!
Jan 27, 2013..212 lb I am so mad at myself It is soooo easy to be heavy again.. but I will not quit trying. It took me many, many, many attempts to quit smoking but I succeeded .. and I will succeed at this!
March 14 .. 209 slow and steady. Working hard to try and make the right choices. Still headed in the right direction.

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SW 222/ CW 202/ GW 150

Failure is not an option when Success requires just a little more effort!
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