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Joined: 02/05/2012
My Story:
I'm 53 and obese!
I wasn't an obese or even an overweight person on childhood, my teens or on my early adulthood.
I'm an emotional eater with makes been in control very difficult.
Like for most of us, my life is VERY stressful and I also suffer of chronic depression and anxiety (under control with meds), to make matters even worse.
But I'm committed to make this my successful story and is not a new year's resolution, lets call my birthday present to me.
I'm very happy to have come across this community, support is key for success.

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Need site help
Hi everybody! Even though I don't count calories, I would like to know if I have to do...More
Posted by Zevah
Reply: Need site help
Thanks! It seems the same since I guess it didn't change much since I started. It will change...More
Posted by Zevah
20 lbs down! Extremely Happy !!!
Hi everyone ! For the past 2 weeks I gave in to temptation and had some deserts, ice-cream,...More
Posted by Zevah
Reply: Back from MIA
Glad you're back I'm sorry you're unemployed, but I'm sure it will not be for long. Trust...More
Posted by Zevah
The felling of been in control is the greatest fee...
It gives you the confidence to make the right choices. You don't feel intimidate when you...More
Posted by Zevah
Reply: No Longer Obese
Congrats on not been over weight anymore !!!!! I hope to be there one day as well. Have a...More
Posted by Zevah
Little by Little I'm getting there
Lost another 2.5 lbs, very happy. I'm one of those who's lost might take couple of weeks to...More
Posted by Zevah
Reply: shopping nsv
CONGRATS !!!! Great job in losing all the weight you have lost. You should be VERY proud of...More
Posted by Zevah
Hope Everyone had a Happy Easter !
I ate my dinner, had wine and even desert (banana cream pie), and I enjoy every little bit...More
Posted by Zevah
Eating potato salad without feeling guilty
The other night I bought a container of potato salad for dinner and instead of having a big...More
Posted by Zevah
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