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Joined: 02/05/2012
My Story:
I'm 53 and obese!
I wasn't an obese or even an overweight person on childhood, my teens or on my early adulthood.
I'm an emotional eater with makes been in control very difficult.
Like for most of us, my life is VERY stressful and I also suffer of chronic depression and anxiety (under control with meds), to make matters even worse.
But I'm committed to make this my successful story and is not a new year's resolution, lets call my birthday present to me.
I'm very happy to have come across this community, support is key for success.

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Reply: Officially a member of Onederland!
CONGRATS !!!! You deserve thumbs up. I'm sure it didn't happened without lots of hard work....More
Posted by Zevah
Reply: Lesson learned
Tks Helene! All the support I received helped me to keep going. Have a great week !More
Posted by Zevah
Reply: Lesson learned
Tks Barb !
Posted by Zevah
Lesson learned
I REALLY want to tank all of you girls that came to give me support after my disappointed...More
Posted by Zevah
Reply: Back to the Gym
You will NOT regret ! Going to the gym gives me the power to keep my eating on track and also...More
Posted by Zevah
Reply: mini goal for the weekend ?
Add 15 minutes to my work out. I don't work on weekends, so no excuse !More
Posted by Zevah
Reply: FOUND new GYM stuff and I like it
I am ! Going to the gym is a big incentive for me to eat right. Like you, I'm planning on...More
Posted by Zevah
Reply: 100 pounds!!!
CONGRATS !!!!!! OMG what an accomplishment !!!!! I just started my journey and feels like I'm...More
Posted by Zevah
Bit of Frustration
Got on the scale this morning and realized that a gain instead of lose, bit of frustration...More
Posted by Zevah
Reply: 20 Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism
Thanks Jen! That was very helpful.More
Posted by Zevah