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Joined: 10/04/2012
My Story:
Born in Calif. raised in Alaska, currently living in Florida, I have lived all over. I am a Master Stone Mason, also have computer certifications and once built machines. Love animals, hate plastic, an avid reader, enjoy growing anything I can, enjoying baking, sewing and crocheting. My "me time" is watching old black & white movies or period (historical)movies.

In 2011 I had both knees replaced at the same time, chronic back pain and arthritis in my right hip are making exercise difficult for me, that's why I came here... for ideas and support. My usual weight is around 175-180 even though the Medical establishment says That is over weight for me, it's not... I know how I feel and what I look good at. I'm a big girl, so if I were to weigh 155 I'd look anorexic! I just need to lose the weight I had gained waiting for my surgery as I gained from 185 to 290. Now the goal is losing 105 pounds.

Once very active, I have been very inactive and found it hard to get motivated. I've been given so many excellent ideas and sites to visit from these discussions. I sincerely hope I can maintain the routine I've created to lose these pounds and feel somewhat free again!

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