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Joined: 06/21/2013
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I gained weight after losing a great job.... the Dr I worked for retired unexpectedly and I was out in the work force for the first time in a long time... I took a job I really didnt care for but since it was still in healthcare I figured it would work out...then budget cuts......and i was looking once again for a job..... in the meantime i have packed on 50 im looking for inspiration to know that its possible to lose the weight after menopause...when it seems like such a struggle...when it was soo easy before... Im sure depression lead to my gaining weight plus the age factor and bammmmmm...I didnt have this problem dealing with divorce....but the job thing really hit me...any help or advice is much appreciated....Im lose it...nothing like a 3 way mirror when you are trying to find something that doesnt look terrible to give you the desire to get the wt off....

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