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I'm 64 years old with a weight problem that has crept on since my forties when I started a beta blocker for a heart problem. Of course I could have adjusted my food intake to deal with the slower metabolism but I carried on eating and splurging and enjoying sweets until I found myself above 200 lbs. I've tried seriously every year since 2005 to diet and exercise the pounds away and I have the journals to prove it, but each year I would find myself back where I started plus a little bit more. 25 pounds down and 29 pounds up like an elevator. All these years I just haven't been able to really see myself. I'd look in the mirror and see the 101 lb bride or the 130 lb new mom. I was an optimist. My life felt okay; my husband and kids loved me. I had friends. I've been the health "Queen of De Nile" for the last 20 years and it hurts to admit it. Now I can see all the time and opportunities I've wasted on this yoyo trip. Well I found out at Xmas that my son was getting married this coming October and I was on that diet lickety split. It wasn't until mid January when both my knees gave out that I truly realized the mess I had become. Now I can't walk without pain and I need to get a lot of weight off to ease it. I have realized that pain and the hope of good health are better motivators than vanity. This time I need to make it happen.

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