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Joined: 04/13/2013
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Starting at 310 lbs, 48 years old, diabetic w/heart issues, I have chosen to go the route of Bariatric Gastric By-pass surgery on April 24, 2013. My posts will reflect my journey, and the support from this group of great people. I will strive to be as honest and blunt as possible, so those considering the surgeries will know there are risks and dangers involved, and they have to be fully aware before attempting surgeries. So some of my posts will have a (TMI moment...) which means the following is a fact but personally embarrassing information that is too real of a issue with the surgeries). So if offended, I do apologize, but I don't believe sugar-coating, and dancing around these issues will benefit anyone, let alone myself.
It has now been 15 months (+) since surgery... and a lot has changed as I am about to turn 50 on July 25th. Read on to find out more. Thank you. Pink

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