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Joined: 04/25/2013
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I was always over weight. I finally decide to loose the weight when I was 22. I was 238, and I got down to 182 in 1980. Got married and then the weight slowly crept back until I was about 240. In 1995 I lost weight again and was at 210. Felt great. Then we moved in to our newly built house and met people in the neighborhood that drank alot of beer and such. I fell in to that social trap and got to be 285 pounds. Type 2 diabetes kicked in, High Blood pressure kicked in as well as back, and joint pains. I started a medication regime to help correct the problems. Now the problems are getting worse with sugar levels at 190, and numbing in the feet and so on. The medications are not the answer they are just masking the problem for me. So getting my health in order is top priority. I hope that by loosing 85-100 pounds and keeping it off with proper eating, and exersize habbits will do the trick.

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