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Joined: 05/14/2013
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My name is Margie, I'm 32, and I've lived in Mexico during the past 14 years as a long-term missionary. I currently weigh 274 pounds. I've struggled with my weight since my preteen years - in Jr. High I weighed 180, and on my 5'6" frame, that isn't good. I, like many, have had successful "dieting" moments, but as soon as I stopped, the weight just piled back on. It has also had the main role in the reason my husband and I haven't been able to have more children (we have a daughter, 11). At my age I'm already taking high blood pressure medication. The fatigue, lethargy, pain and out of breathness is overwhelming. So here I am. At the foot of the mountain. Ready for the journey, be it dificult. It doesn't matter. I want to LIVE !!!!

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