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My name is Stephanie and I am from Tennessee. I am a mother of 3. I stay at home with the kids. I have not tried very hard losing weight since I have had my last 2 children. I had my first child in my twenties, waited a few years, worked it all off, lost 65 pds exactly. Had the 2 new kids now I am at 182, and I feel miserable a lot, I turned 40 several months ago, I started feeling rough around 38. Periods are worse, leg cramps, sinus infections, inner ear problems, sciatic nerve issues, u name it, my sugar came back bad my last visit to the doctor, I am fatigued a lot, I feel 50. So I have decided to work on getting back to 125-130 pds again, for my sanity, and health. It has been hard having toddlers running around snacking all day and me in the kitchen a lot, but I am finally feed up with my slacking in taking care of my health. Diabetes, heart trouble, arthritis, all that stuff we dislike runs in the family, so I am taking action for a better me. With Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior on my side I know I can accomplish it once again. I joined this group so I have some one to talk to about what matters to me, and maybe I can help motivate others on my journey to a better me as well. If we love others and do right by them, they will do right by us as well.

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