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*OnLiNe@!::: Rabbitohs vs Bulldogs Live Streaming ...
Watch Live NRL Streaming South Sydney Rabbitohs vs Canterbury Bulldogs Live Streaming Online 2014 Friday 18...More
Posted by shyamal1
Reply: GERD causing heart palpitations?
Thanks for your post. Very encouraging! It's so scary when you have these attacks. My story mirrors yours, and...More
Posted by gerdbird
Upper GI Dangers on Infants
My great granddaughter is 3-1/2 months old and has had problems with reflux since she was born. The...More
Posted by bandolino
does anyone have gastroparesis? delayed emptying of the stomach? or any information on the stomach...More
Posted by juliesfroggies
Gallbladder type pain with no positive GB tests
I have been having pain on and off for years on my right side after eating. I have had all the standard tests...More
Posted by Movandy
Reply: mild thickening of rectum,sigmoid and areas of the...
Hi doysh, Did the urgent care doctor give you any treatment suggestions to help stop the cramping? It...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: HAIR LOSS.....
Asacol can cause hairloss but it usually stops after a few months and the hair should come backMore
Posted by tammyhiles
Reply: Finally, a diagnosis!
Hi talllady510, Just wanted to stop in an say that I am so glad you were able to get a diagnosis and are...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Achalsia of Esophagus/Diffuse esophagus spasms/HEL...
Thank you so very much! I feel all alone with this, i have been dx with all of it, and yes they give the bird...More
Posted by pita2
Reply: Tummy trouble
Is there anyone in your family with food intolerances or a history of celiac disease? Check to find out...More
Posted by calgal37
Reply: SOD Diagnosis??
Hmbigs, I don't have the condition. A HIDA scan can give you some answers, but not all. It has to be the...More
Posted by calgal37
Reply: Chronic Gastritis
Steve, I don't have this condition, but in the medical setting I am in we see people with the same types of...More
Posted by calgal37
Reply: lower Abdominal pain
It's time to make an appointment with a Gastroenterologist for a colonoscopy. GailMore
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Need help regardiing GERD/Heart burn
Hey thanks for your reply can you email me at "" I want to talk in detail !More
Posted by smash8050
Reply: Pain in stool
That's what I will do.. Thank you
Posted by An_256605
Reply: Constant Nausea only relieved by eating - advice?
Having seen across the web how many FEMALES have this alarmed me. thereseems to be little help medically....More
Posted by gibmonkey3
Reply: pain after gallbladder removal
Well, you initial pain may have had another cause. The legal system could help, but I would ask for...More
Posted by greywolfrn
Reply: Bump on anus
This could also be similar to a pimple. The area has mucus membranes and can have a clogged pore as anywhere...More
Posted by greywolfrn
Reply: Acid Reflux, Silent Reflux (Laryngopharyngeal Refl...
There are plenty of ways to get probiotics without dairy. For a while I was getting So Delicious brand...More
Posted by ill_informed
Reply: Bloating
I have ongoing gastro issues. most docs are too quick to just hand out medicine. I'm having another endoscopy...More
Posted by kjme11374
Reply: Tummy trouble
Try cutting out your dairy products! I had diarrhea for like 5 weeks, then i cut out all my dairy...More
Posted by mariajohnson
Reply: Can a Jejunoileal Bypass be fixed 30 years after
I had this surgery in 1972....revised in 2002. Had severe small intestinal bacteria and yeast...More
Posted by metterbetter500
Reply: Adhesions
Mark, I had surgery back in 94 to have most if my colon removed. There were a lot of complications and I ended...More
Posted by judiw
Reply: Parasites in my stool help!!
Contact your doctor and have a stool sample done. It's the best way to go about clearing things us. Make sure...More
Posted by calgal37
Reply: irritable bowel syndrome
Hi bett123. My poo is either very runny or very thick like mashed potatoes. Depends on what I've eaten in the...More
Posted by leemitz
Digestive Help.
Many disorders are the result of an umbalance condition in the digestive tract. There are three primary...More
Posted by hypohyper
Reply: GERD
Reflux, depening on what is causing your symptoms, can be the result of you digestive system being out of...More
Posted by hypohyper
Reply: Difficulty breathing, pressure in stomach/chest/th...
Got blood results back. Kidneys and liver is fine but my red blood cells are small and there are a lot of...More
Posted by gravitywaves
Reply: IBS or Diverticulitis
Hi mrsnova, Pain in the stomach, usually in the lower left side that is sometimes worse when you move,...More
Posted by atti_editor

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kidney n digestive disorder
Dear I want to how to keep well kidney permanently and there is a problem nowadays that is i have to go to toilet with pain in belly after ... More
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