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loud stomach
I had loud stomach problems for a few months and last summer I had a bad stomach ache and gradually that...More
Posted by brace52
Gassy in the morning before BM?
This has been happening to me for the last couple years or so. I always assumed I just wasn't eating right, or...More
Posted by kate34
Stool in toilet water
ad bad diarrhea 2 months ago which lasted more than a month. During this time, I had done lots of visits to...More
Posted by An_265051
Reflux - Trouble Breating
So I've got reflux and find myself short of breath often - not related to exercise etc. Anyone else having...More
Posted by springbok22
Lump on right side above hip
Any ideas on what this lump might be? I'd appreciate any diagnostic ideas that I can share with my doc this...More
Posted by An_265009
Gall Bladder Removal issues
My father had his gall bladder removed and he has had 2 "attacks" since the surgery, which was 7 months ago....More
Posted by NJDmac
Can anyone tell me what actually LEUKEMIA is???
I want to know about Leukemia, Please provide me some information Thanks in advance.More
Posted by An_264890
does the probolics work thought try see if work any side effectsMore
Posted by An_264861
Gastric Hyperplastic Polyposis (GHP)
Due to this rare condition, I am have a full Gastretomy (removal of my stomach) in a few weeks. My doctors say...More
Posted by shujina

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Noisy Bloated Stomach
My stomach gurgles and makes all kinds of sounds, and it's really loud. I have terrible stomach distension....More
Posted by An_264815
Recently diagnosed with Gastroparesis
Any helpful tips out there from anyone?
Posted by jenhoff123
Salad issues
I have eaten salad with many different combos for as long as I can remember. Within the last month, I have...More
Posted by An_264788
Intestinal blockage?
ok, I have abdominal adhesions from several abdomen surgeries, gallbladder, appendix, hysterectomy and like 5...More
Posted by bri256
Gerd and panic attack
I had panic attack since young but recently it got worst n it affected my gastric n heart,went to A&E...More
Posted by An_264727
Protein-Losing Enteropathy
My daughter has a Protein-Losing Enteropathy which means her a1-at came back high in her stool sample. She is...More
Posted by cs41211
Hi,I'm a 34 year old male,and there is something I've kinda been curious about: I've noticed sometimes when I...More
Posted by dwood316
Insane stomach problems
I need help! I haven't been holding down very many things for 3 weeks. I've gradually lost 20 pound sober...More
Posted by An_264514
Chronic abdominal pain
I am 17 years old and have severe abdominal pain, nausea,diarrhea and back pain that comes and goes. I have...More
Posted by Meganglenn

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How I get rid of pain
I've had these type of pains for over 20 years. I used to get pains every day in high school and never knew why. I finally realized the ... More
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