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Bump on anus
Hello... This is really embarrassing, but I am kind of nervous about it... [br>I'm 17 years old, and after...More
Posted by An_256405
Ulcerative colitis
Does anyone have problems with uncontrolled diarrhea? Have had this for 40 yrs &Amy main symptom is...More
Posted by An_256394
Need help regardiing GERD/Heart burn
Hi all! I m 22 years old and for the pass 7 months I am getting chest pains on regular basis feeling...More
Posted by smash8050
I have recenlty been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Have stopped all Gluten and feel better. I now realize...More
Posted by artzwear
smelly burps
My wife has developed something that causes her to occasionally burp and they smell unbelievably bad when...More
Posted by t_town1960
smelly burps
My wife has developed something that causes her to occasionally burp and they smell unbelievably bad when...More
Posted by t_town1960
Abdominal Pain
Just looking for some advice...or maybe just someone to listen. I have been having some horrible abdominal...More
Posted by An_256288
pain after gallbladder removal
hi folks, first time to post anything like this! i was experiencing severe pain in my side last year...More
Posted by joethelion
colonoscopy complications
3 days Following my colonoscopy I began having cramping/pain that has lasted for over a month. Nothing...More
Posted by kayecarlson247
Should we minimise insoluble fiber consumption whe...
why then are berry fruits recommended, even though they have Tannins, which are beneficial, but their...More
Posted by nixodian
IBS spasms
I have been dealing with IBS for a while and can't seem to eliminate to any real degree the spasms. I believe...More
Posted by An_256201
Pain in Back Rib Cage when I eat???
Lately when i eat I sometimes have pain on my back on my left side in the back ribcage area. I have noticed...More
Posted by agirl2013
TRouble Swallowing
It's taken my Dr's a long time to figure out why I'm having so much trouble swallowing. I have gone through...More
Posted by mattd40
Constant Nausea only relieved by eating - advice?
First-time visitor just lokuing for a bit of advice here... For the last two weeks or so I've been...More
Posted by An_256088
Can hemorrhoids cause a lot of bleeding?
Apologize in advance for the tmi. For the last week I've had a harder stool than usual and every time I've...More
Posted by mehan12702
Reflux so bad I have bone pain
I have been having reflux so bad for so long (every single day, for months, possibly years since I actually...More
Posted by melissa1283
I was sick this past monday and tuesday,and although i'm ok now,I'm just curious as to how long it takes...More
Posted by dwood316
Gallbladder Issues
About six weeks ago I started getting pain in my upper abdomen shortly after eating. Pain would be intense...More
Posted by gutcheck13
Powerful antibiotic now Diarrhea only for BM
After a medical procedure, a power antibiotic was introduced to prevent infection, sadly now all BM's are...More
Posted by An_255891
Unable to have a BM without a suppository
I have IBS with constipation, have had for about 35 years. I had been using Miralax for many years. It worked...More
Posted by ledev68
frequent gas, bloating, dry mouth,
Friends, I have always been healthy. I did physical check up 4 months ago; The lab test only showed lack of...More
Posted by mshuq2000
Constipation is frequent in my life, meaning one GOOD movement a week. Dr. says Miralax is good to take daily,...More
Posted by sherm80
Continual ulcer like chest pain.
Any answers? Took 2 Tums two nites ago. Some better yesterday AM. Worse thru the day. Took Zantac OTC last...More
Posted by lazylady41
gerd and constipation problems
was just diagnosed with gerd and constipation , my stomach is always bloated n feels full, my back hurts n...More
Posted by angelbear75
Hiya my 8 month old baby has just been diagnosed with intermittent intersusseption after a missed diagnosis...More
Posted by welshmummy
Similar Condition to myself
Did you ever find out what it was?
Posted by mitch332
CT shows gas in biliary tree
Have you had this, and what does it imply? Could my post Whipple surgery reconfiguration be a cause or...More
Posted by multitasker
Posted by whiskers1014

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kidney n digestive disorder
Dear I want to how to keep well kidney permanently and there is a problem nowadays that is i have to go to toilet with pain in belly after ... More
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