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Stomach acid problem?
I've noticed lately when I burp it taste like acid sometimes,or I'll burp and it tastes like the food I ate...More
Posted by dwood316
Stool Like Cow pat
Hi there, for some time now I have been having cow pat type stool, it tend to be on and off, when passing...More
Posted by irishguy2014
H. pylori: can it be a chronic, ongoing issue?
I recently experienced the black, tarry stools and was diagnosed with H. pylori less than an hour ago, but...More
Posted by jedwatson27
Severe Abdominal Pain Continues After Colitis Epis...
One weekend in April 2013, I woke up in the middle of the night with severe lower left abdominal pain and...More
Posted by mls05h
Has anyone out there used the drug LINZESS for this problem?
Posted by kristinavrc
digestive issues or what?
I have had acid reflux issues for several years and they thought I had GERD. I have been on all kinds of...More
Posted by rlaskey
Unknown Tummy Troubles
I feel like my life is being ruined by this ailment. Ive been to a few dotors who run a few tests and...More
Posted by mizz_mercedez
Diagnosis for my 15yr old son...
I need some advice on what others might think is wrong with my son.At birth in the hospital , doc said his...More
Posted by lj1004
Gluteal Pain & more. Need advice, please.
Advice on what this could be greatly needed. Tired of running around in circles with doctors. Please. Thank...More
Posted by An_257097
Acid Reflux and Throat Gland Pain
I have acid reflux, probabaly the LPR kind, and I have noticed swollen throat glands and throat gland pain...More
Posted by cindasong
Help from a Chinese young man.
Dear Professor : I am a youngster from China and I sincerely write this letter to ask for your kind help. I am...More
Posted by web23573
What is behind this weight loss?
I'm a 22 year old female college student who has been struggling greatly with various stomach issues and I'm...More
Posted by An_256983
What is causing my coughing.
I have acid reflux which is controlled by medication and diet. I have no gallbladder. I do have asthma and...More
Posted by bearssp
Stomach pain during and after eating?
This has been happening for a few days now and I really don't know why... As soon as I start eating, I get a...More
Posted by An_256954
Is it possible to have GERDS/IBS at the same time? I've been dealing with GERDS for a while now and I think...More
Posted by grace10
Hi there! Just thought I would post that I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and try to eat healthy. I use Benefiber...More
Posted by Peger
Sternohyoid muscle in neck
For the past year, I've had a pain in the right side of my neck/esophagus. the pain has caused me to have...More
Posted by An_254379
I am 55 years old, smoked for over 40 years, quit 1-1/2 years ago, was always 150 pounds all my life, now...More
Posted by An_256823
Upper GI Dangers on Infants
My great granddaughter is 3-1/2 months old and has had problems with reflux since she was born. The...More
Posted by bandolino
does anyone have gastroparesis? delayed emptying of the stomach? or any information on the stomach...More
Posted by juliesfroggies
Gallbladder type pain with no positive GB tests
I have been having pain on and off for years on my right side after eating. I have had all the standard tests...More
Posted by Movandy
mild thickening of rectum,sigmoid and areas of the...
I have been having cramping in my lower abdomen in the pelvic and very low back for going on three weeks. Has...More
Posted by doysh
Achalsia of Esophagus/Diffuse esophagus spasms/HEL...
9 minutes ago pita2 responded: HI I am 53 female, and i have Achalsia of Esophagus, or as of last month...More
Posted by pita2
Finally, a diagnosis!
I changed my PCP. My new doctor was the first and only doctor to refer me to a Gastroenterologist for...More
Posted by talllady510

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