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Lactose Intolerance as an adult
Can you suddenly become lactose intolerance as an adult? One day I could eat cheese. Within the week eating...More
Posted by GoPokes1
Taking nexium but still suffering
I've suffered from acid reflux for over 8 years and its been controlled by medication (Nexium) but recently...More
Posted by conanafmc
Abnormally tired, nauseous, sick, not feeling good...
My original post ( Abnormally tired....More
Posted by keitagamii
gall bladder removed/pain/yellowing
Hello. I had my gall bladder removed back in January. It was an emergency, open surgery. I had complications...More
Posted by lionbaby73
Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS)
Hello, So I have to use the bathroom after 30 mins of eating. It feels like the food goes straight through...More
Posted by rajesh1212
I pooped myself on a date
OK guys. I really need some help here. So for about a year I have been having this problem where I have to...More
Posted by An_259404
New Problem?
Earlier tonight I went to the bathroom to do business as normal,and I had to go back a 2nd time,which is ok....More
Posted by dwood316
HELP - suffering for over a year with digestive pr...
Hi everyone. So I'm an otherwise healthy 25 year old male who has been suffering for the past year with...More
Posted by captainmoon
Daughter with ongoing stomach pain
I need help from parents out there. My daughter has been having a lot of stomach problems, she has mild...More
Posted by An_259360
IBS without diarrhea or constipation, with distend...
I have IBS and had an endoscopy that also said I have SIBO. I have regular bowel movements each day. I...More
Posted by mmmickey55
My fiance has gastroparesis...he is severely severly sick...he is only 37 and want him to have a better...More
Posted by An_259243
Help! 24yr/old female w/ Hypertension, Bloating, ...
Help! I am a 24 year old female with no diagnosis! All tests have come back normal and I don't know what to...More
Posted by snugglepug7
Need serious input..
My father in law is 74 and has chronic diarrhea since December 2013. HHe has been hospitalized over and over...More
Posted by An_259231
I've noticed lately that when I have a bowel movement,it would come out normal looking,and sometimes I go...More
Posted by dwood316
Facing total colectomy with ileorectal anastimosis...
I found out last week that I am going to have to have my whole colon removed. No ostomy, going to connect my...More
Posted by delsey
Bloated stomach
I was diagnosed with gerd a couple of weeks ago and put on a acid blocker this has helped the heartburn but I...More
Posted by elane52
anal bleeding . please help
28 year old male So for a while now a little bit after a bowl movement i will bleed from my anus. I will...More
Posted by jmann001
HIDA scan after gallstones diagnosis
Hi there! After some pretty extreme abdominal and low back pain three days ago, I went to the ER to find out my...More
Posted by hmb44
Unknown Cause of Abdominal Pain, Please Help
The night before last, I started to have mild stomach pains. I thought nothing of it, figured it was just...More
Posted by anthonyws6
Rapid Bowel Movements with No Gallbladder.
I'm 20, was diagnosed with chronic constipation once my gall bladder stopped working. I had it removed...More
Posted by tisha_janellexx
Generalized Intestinal Dysmotility
Originally my GI thought I had Gastroparesis - so he sent me to a specialist who deals with it - turns out I...More
Posted by debs_bears
Recurrent, stinging anal pain while defecating and...
Symptoms: Severe, recurrent, stinging anal pain while defecating. Anal pain while wiping and sitting.[br>Anal...More
Posted by tamal
Prometheus Labs Crohn's Results?
Hi all, I am new to this forum and looking for answers. Yesterday I was told that after what has been several...More
Posted by r_j_d_
Abdominal Pain-Bowel issues
I have had bowel issuse for some time now. My "regular" is maybe one movement every 3 to 4 days in perfect...More
Posted by An_259069
Digesting My Allergy Tablets
Does anyone know why I sometimes see the whole tablet in my stool? I've been taking 24 hour Alegra D once a day...More
Posted by toots27
stomach pain
I have been experiencing a numbing and/ or cramping pain right below my right rib cage for about six...More
Posted by 19seventyseven
My husband can't poop !!!
My husband had internal and external hemmoridal surgery about 3 months ago ever since he has horrible...More
Posted by halibenfield
My husband can't poop !!!
My husband had internal and external hemmoridal surgery about 3 months ago ever since he has horrible...More
Posted by halibenfield
Unexplained pain in lower right abdomen in 14 year...
My daughter is in the hospital for the second time in 3 months with major abdominal pain on the lower abdomen...More
Posted by busymom7

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I suffered with GERD for 2 1/2 years. I tried everything. It was so bad, I can't even tell you. I tried cutting so many things out of my ... More
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