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About 12 hours ago I took a Natural Vegetable Laxative (Senokot) and have had no results. Is it safe to now...More
Posted by pokerstan
Chronic Illness that hasn't been diagnosed
My husband has some type of seizure after eating almost any meal. He has been to his internal medicine,...More
Posted by rebeccajwest11
Incomplete bowel elimination/evacuation
Until several months ago, my bowel movements were what I consider normal, mostly daily, adequate bulk, smooth...More
Posted by An_260663

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Incomplete bowel elimination/evacuation
Until several months ago, my bowel movements were what I consider normal, mostly daily, adequate bulk, smooth...More
Posted by An_260663
aloe and cascara aloin?
I bought aloe juice from hsu ( and now wonder... is it safe? How do I know if it has aloin in the aloe...More
Posted by lynneat
Weird taste in my mouth. Almost like dry mouth
I am not sure what is going on. Last Tuesday I started having this weird taste in my mouth. I was...More
Posted by sweetlee040970
Gerd and palpitations
I also have palpitations and Gerd.. I'm so glad to hear others know about it.
Posted by nervousnelly44
I have had success with a mind body approach
I had years of severe neck and shoulder pain (doctors, meds, holistic etc. that did not help at all) that was...More
Posted by ss200
Many ailments .. Is there a connection?
Female 55 years old. 10 years ago I was diagnosed with giardiasis. Took severe antibiotics and the parasite...More
Posted by joelcoqui
Acid reflux and stuck in throat pain
Does any one have any suggestions to solve this problem? My next step is to go to a gastroenterologist.More
Posted by funandfancy1
Sudden GI problems 3 years ago, getting worse
I'm a 35 year old female. I went all my life with constipation, BMs consisting of pellets. When I was 32...More
Posted by usasoldier1982
Need Ideas: Extreme Constipation, Severe Bloating,...
I've been experiencing very bad constipation, severe bloating and abdominal pain (painful to tighten belt at...More
Posted by An_260513
and on it goes.... actually something new, but gas...
Diverticulitis, diagnosed by describing my symptoms. I thought it was a super wicked UTI, but quick test on...More
Posted by multitasker
In the 70s I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease with related skin problems. In the following years I came...More
Posted by cornbread101
Gerd symptoms after gallbladder surgery
Hi I had gallbladder surgery 2 months ago after I gave birth and since then I've been feeling symtoms...More
Posted by leni75
Gastritis, Liquid diet and still a lot of gas.. wh...
Dr told me I have gastritis and should go on liquid diet. I'm on liquid diet 3rd day and I still have a lot a...More
Posted by mike741
Periodic stomach inflammation
For the past year I have had stomach episodes that bring me the following: sudden onset of extreme pain in...More
Posted by An_260388
Constant Nausea and Vomiting for 2 Months
Hello All, My apologies if this has been posted before. I've been experiencing nausea and vomiting for the...More
Posted by lizs18
Gastroparesis sufferer
Would a NutriBullit be a good way to get my vegetables and fruits?
Posted by sjsfletcher
IBS - The Easy Diagnosis or the Proper Diagnosis? ...
My wife has had digestive problems for 7+ years. She has seen a few different GIs and no one has diagnosed...More
Posted by evan_aggie
Burning pain in stomach
I've been having a burning sensation in my stomach (gut) that comes and goes. I have had this pain before, but...More
Posted by slw1962
My husband is taking AMOX TR-K CLV; 875-125 MG TAB. He was on AMOX TR-K CLV; 500-125 MG TAB October 10 - 13,...More
Posted by robokc
Wondering if my doctor is just trying to get insur...
Two years ago I went to my doctor to get my regular physical exam. As a part of that exam he also sent me to...More
Posted by hot_coder
Upper right abdominal pain only at night
I'm 31, 5'5" 225. I've been working on my weight for the past two months and have successfully lost 15 pounds so...More
Posted by jekaan
reflux consequences
I get heart attack symptons when I eat occassionally that results in an aattack, and vomitting. It goes...More
Posted by merchantmac
Help with Constipation!?
Hi![br>I have have had such a battle with "going to the bathroom." I have tried everything Miralax (which...More
Posted by cooper000
Sulphur burps followed by liquidless vomit
Hey, I'm 20 yrs old and this started about 5 months ago and has happened to me 3 Times so far, atm I...More
Posted by victoriaaxo
Food not digesting; nausea every day and vomiting ...
I was wondering if anyone can help us. My husband is sicker than he's ever been. He was diagnosed with Celiac...More
Posted by An_260203
how long do you take acid reduction medication for...
I've been taking Nexium for like some 10 years now, it still works but i wonder if that's too long and...More
Posted by Lastminute73915
GERD so stubborn
Anyone have severe GERD that has been resistant to treatment.I had GERD last year that responded to OTC...More
Posted by sucatp

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abodmenal pain
from last 2 weeks i suffering from abodmenal is pain very badly .and my toilet also not good.always i have to go toilet .per 3,4 times i ... More
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