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I have to poop frequently in the mornings.
My wife has to poop frequently in the mornings Could you give us some info on what may be going on?
Posted by An_262552
Lots of gas
Should i go see a doctor because i have lots of gas all the time?. I can't narrow it done to what i eat.. Its...More
Posted by An_262551
Sudden pain under right side rib
A couple of days ago I started to feel uncomfortable around the stomach area and just assumed it was because I...More
Posted by jghanson
A rare cancer diagnosis
I am trying to find a rare condition that a loved one has been diagnosed recently, but since I am not...More
Posted by momisallhehas
Chronic digestive issues-suggestions please!
My 21 year old daughter was treated for Hpylori after being infected from her boyfriend who went overseas. The...More
Posted by madpaker
non functioning Bowel
problem cannot have a natural bowel movement, there is no perestaltic action to make rectal muscles contract....More
Posted by An_262456

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Right lower quadrant pain-please help
Im a 14 y/o male. lower right quadrant abdominal pain started in late january early february. Accompanying...More
Posted by anders_m
OK I am suffering of this same thing but I get it when I stand still and sit for a long time, or this is...More
Posted by markstanley
Candida, I've read, can eat through the lining of the inestinal tract and get into the blood stream, then...More
Posted by An_262364
Digestive Timeline (Constipation)
Everything is fine to start. August 22nd Vit D levels of 13. Nothing is done cause a lot was going on and it...More
Posted by dogedays
C diff after remicade
age 17 diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, followed by pericarditis then pericadectomy. UC treated with...More
Posted by An_262296
After seeing around 4 doctors, I'm beginning to feel a little bit hopeless right now. I haven't had an IBS...More
Posted by peloise
Not sure what the problem is.
Hi, I am a 46 yr old black male. My metabolism has slowed down. When I eat a few bites of food I am pretty...More
Posted by An_262236
What's wrong with me?
I've been having terrible pain in my rectum for about 6 months. Its more prominent when I'm on my period. Last...More
Posted by jojo38
anal irrigation
hope somebody can help or advise on my problem, having read through some of the discussions, I find similar...More
Posted by rosavale
Heart Burn or Acid Reflux or Indigestion
Does anyone know the difference between them? I am 47 year old man and I recently have been experiencing...More
Posted by kimmytx
Hyperacidity in stomach
Hi, I am 28 year old, female. The problem is that I keep on getting this acidity attacks when ever I eat even...More
Posted by ana_o
Teenager with stomach issues
Hello. I am new to this board. My daughter, aged 17, has suffered with diarrhea and/or constipation since...More
Posted by momma_mac
Esophyx - any recent results?
Hi, I've done some searching on the forums and most of the Esophyx (TIF - Transoral Incisionless...More
Posted by ga1117
Bowel movements
my Mum is 87 and has foetal incontinence. When she goes to the loo here stools are soft but she gas trouble...More
Posted by An_262075
Help! Chronic upper abdominal pain - MD's can't id...
I have a friend who has struggled for years with upper central abdominal pain. He's been to various doctors...More
Posted by tlop2542
H pylori and Anxiety
I am 32 years old male diagnosed with h pylori for the 2nd time 4 months ago. First time 5 years ago and I got...More
Posted by haawad
Intense stomach pain?? Desperate for help.
-It usually happens in the afternoon-night, though I did get it once during the day. -It expands...More
Posted by elizabethgrace12
Help- Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea
This is my fifth day of terrible, watery diarrhea. I've also been vomiting everyday since, except for...More
Posted by An_261805
incomplete bowel movement
Hello everyone, I'm a male, aged 18. Over the past two months, I've been experiencing this condition, where...More
Posted by An_261769
Hi. So this is my first time posting here but, Im concerned and would like advice. So today, half way...More
Posted by An_261685

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Coffee and liver diseaseExpert
Did you know that drinking coffee is healthy for the liver! Studies show that a people who drank a few cups a day were less likely to scar ... More
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