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Pretty Sure I Have Acid Reflux Disease
Hi, I choked on a piece of lamb about 6 months ago. The doctor did surgery to remove the lamb out of my...More
Posted by zachboyer
Hiatus hernia
I have a hiatal hernia and work out quite a bit. I am wondering if the hernia affects weight loss around...More
Posted by An_261188
Bloating, nausea and slow to pass stools
I have some mild cerebral palsy and I recently had some trouble with the above symptoms, I am 26 yr old this...More
Posted by halycon
Nauseated feeling when lying down and working on c...
Hi I do not know why when I'm lying down working on my car get a nauseated feeling and it gets to the point...More
Posted by tony101365
Help! What's wrong with my tummy?
Hi there! I'm searching for some advice on my tummy issues since my doctor doesn't seem that interested in...More
Posted by An_261131
Pale Yellowish Stools
So my new doc does functional medicine (which is great with me), and to start off, he asked me to do a liver...More
Posted by Anon_56464
Viruses May Play Role in Crohn's, Colitis
"Previous research has linked these bowel diseases with a lower variety of bacteria in the gut, according...More
Posted by atti_editor
Acid reflux
Will drinking water aggravate acid reflux?
Posted by brian118967
Toilet problems
I am a 21 year old female that eats just like everyone else. For a few weeks now, I have been having straight...More
Posted by An_260981
Constipation then Vomiting and volant BM Hot/Cold ...
This started a few years back I am in my mid 60's and take pain medication. I will be constipated or have...More
Posted by 1problemchild
Suffering after Gall Bladder Surgery
It's only been 12 days since I had my gall bladder removed. Now I am experiencing a lump in my stomach...More
Posted by wailanaanjali
At times, I belch quite a bit (mostly in the evening). If I take Pepto Bismol it usually stops. Does anyone...More
Posted by dlinnen
i need help or ideas as to what is going on with m...
my gf is type 1 she can't stop feeling nauseated and she vomits.we are at the hospital now and after so...More
Posted by javiloveslauren
Last night I had a burger for supper,and I had a slice of cheese on it and some red onions,and ever since then...More
Posted by dwood316
post laprascopic surgery pain and problems
Hi, Has anyone out there had post surgery problems like constant nausea, and a lot of stomach pain. I had...More
Posted by luckyreel
Diarrhea, bloating, gas and leakage
I have been having bouts of all of the above for the last few months. I have been diagnosed with...More
Posted by An_260822
EOE Diagnosis
Is a biopsy the only way to diagnose Eosinophilic Esophagitis? I know that the patient will be sedated, but...More
Posted by An_260817
Mucus in stool
OK this is going to be a gross one. I apologize in advance. I'm a 29 (almost 30) year old male, I'm...More
Posted by startingtoworry
About 12 hours ago I took a Natural Vegetable Laxative (Senokot) and have had no results. Is it safe to now...More
Posted by pokerstan
Chronic Illness that hasn't been diagnosed
My husband has some type of seizure after eating almost any meal. He has been to his internal medicine,...More
Posted by rebeccajwest11
Incomplete bowel elimination/evacuation
Until several months ago, my bowel movements were what I consider normal, mostly daily, adequate bulk, smooth...More
Posted by An_260663

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Incomplete bowel elimination/evacuation
Until several months ago, my bowel movements were what I consider normal, mostly daily, adequate bulk, smooth...More
Posted by An_260663
aloe and cascara aloin?
I bought aloe juice from hsu ( and now wonder... is it safe? How do I know if it has aloin in the aloe...More
Posted by lynneat
Weird taste in my mouth. Almost like dry mouth
I am not sure what is going on. Last Tuesday I started having this weird taste in my mouth. I was...More
Posted by sweetlee040970
Gerd and palpitations
I also have palpitations and Gerd.. I'm so glad to hear others know about it.
Posted by nervousnelly44
I have had success with a mind body approach
I had years of severe neck and shoulder pain (doctors, meds, holistic etc. that did not help at all) that was...More
Posted by ss200
Many ailments .. Is there a connection?
Female 55 years old. 10 years ago I was diagnosed with giardiasis. Took severe antibiotics and the parasite...More
Posted by joelcoqui

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I suffered with GERD for 2 1/2 years. I tried everything. It was so bad, I can't even tell you. I tried cutting so many things out of my ... More
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