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gas/bloating would like diet or supplement suggest...
Hi, I am trying to manage constipation (made worse by a prescription I take). Regular metamucil seems...More
Posted by publichealthgal
stomach ulcer questions
I am scared. From Friday until Monday I suffered from severe constipation and had an impacted stool. It...More
Posted by littlekim91607
Why am I getting nauseous?
So about 3 years ago I drank way too many energy drinks and ended up getting so sick I threw up about every...More
Posted by sebastianm
Article - Gut feeling: How intestinal bacteria may...
Mounting evidence that gut bacteria affect mood and behaviour has researchers investigating just how much power...More
Posted by sheba_q
gas and bowel movement urge after eating
Hello everyone, For the past several years, maybe 5-10, I have been having bowel movements up to 3 times a...More
Posted by aperson3
totally lost
I have been experience lower left abdominal pain , at times upper left as well and it sometimes can be...More
Posted by sisters4ever
Gerd and arm pain?
Hey all, basically i'm 26 and having some really bad symptoms at the moment which vary... - Let arm,...More
Posted by daytona0
I had my gallbladder out almost exactly one year ago. The day after my surgery I was not able to pee. My...More
Posted by poohbear11583
Abdominal CT ?
On June 17th last month. I went to the ER because I was having horrible abdominal pain on my right side that...More
Posted by charsay3
Gastritis and Constipation?
Hi, My girlfriend is Malaysian, and I'm currently in KL visiting her. She recently had a surgery to correct...More
Posted by tachikoma_
Sudden Shortness of Breath/Minor Flatulence + Belc...
Roughly 36 hours ago, I woke up with moderate shortness of breath/headache/slight fever. The night...More
Posted by matthewbleiberg
Chronic Nausea
My husband has had nausea for months. His psychiatrist took him off of Compazine which he'd been taking for...More
Posted by suzyq174
severe abdominal pain and gas
new to this and need help. i hope someone might have some ideas. its taking me a while to get things done...More
Posted by inlimbo3
my bowel movement is never quite how I want it to ...
I'm having the EXACT same symptoms as the ones listed above! I went to the doctor and we're gonna try...More
Posted by necountyboy
Stomach issues
After going through all these discussions, didnt quite find my symptoms. Side pains, start either side, can...More
Posted by An_257955
Major issues after gallbladder removal - anyone el...
I had my GB removed in October 2013. Had a large gallstone that wasn't visible in any of the 100 tests I went...More
Posted by meowser01
Does anyone have any suggestions for a replacement drug for pantoprazole? My insurance co. has decided to no...More
Posted by kmat321
Dark Brown, Blackish Stool? :(
Hello, I'm an 18 year old male, and I've been feeling a bit bloated. Ever since this Tuesday, I've been...More
Posted by An_257851
Digestive Mix Up
Okay, let me preface this with a bit of back story. I had my gall bladder removed in March of 2013 and...More
Posted by txepiscopalian
bravo endoscopy
I just had it done three days ago and I felt like a tightening in my chest when I swallow anything - It is...More
Posted by gbs7719
Coughing with GERD?
I have GERD and cough up excessive amounts of mucus with white chunks in it. I was diagnosed with GERD over a...More
Posted by anne6
Anyone out there if you can help my hubby has had diarrhea for 6 weeks now he has lost 15lbs is getting weak he...More
Posted by 58mary
When I meat pork my stomach blows up and it gets hard and very painful. Could i be allergic?
Posted by carzaw
Pooped bright red blood day 2
Okay so yesterday I pooped blood and went to the emergency room. They checked my anus and found no traces of...More
Posted by darkrad
Bloody Stool
Hello a couple of days ago I when I had a bowel movement it was very watery and full of blood. I have been to...More
Posted by An_253890
help my stomach
am hoping someone can help. i have in total been sick for 5 years. i had no problems while i was pregnant...More
Posted by bgaudet07
Not Diverticulitis
Just got back from a trip to the ER. Went in for a recurrence of what had been diagnosed by my primary doc as...More
Posted by An_257677
Stomach issues
Discomfort in my stomach
Posted by repslupdog11
What could this be?
Hi, I've been experiencing stress and anxiety for the past month. I've pretty much lost my appetite but have...More
Posted by srg08

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