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Colonoscopy concernts
My friend had a colonoscopy 3 days ago and we were not satisfied with the results of the testing. After...More
Posted by johnnythomas
Pain and nausea
A few moments after eating small amounts of anything I get a pain just up under the upper left quadriant...More
Posted by candieeasly1
Pain and nausea
A few moments after eating small amounts of anything I get a pain just up under the upper left quadriant...More
Posted by candieeasly1
esophageal spasms while using Amoxicillin
Hi I get esophageal spasms, sometime really bad and many times not so bad. I have had a dental implant and...More
Posted by eakle6158
Hi I just meet with my surgeon to discuss removing my gallbladder. I have done all of my pre-operative...More
Posted by biancalthompson
Medical opinion needed! daily intense nausea--anxi...
I posted on the Depression board too. Just wondering if a med. I take for A-fib is causing the really intense...More
Posted by Anon_963
abdominal pain
So several times over the past months i've gotten this strange stomach ache. last night it started again and...More
Posted by ami446454
Personal Health Records
Dear members of the WebMD, I would like to invite you to complete an online survey questionnaire to help...More
Posted by armin27950
Is it true that GERD can cause sinus type headaches,high blood pressure,explosive bm
Posted by cvidsick
Nausea--really bad! Wondering if it is caused by M...
Sure would like to know if medication--like Multaq for treatment of AFIB can cause such intense nausea. No...More
Posted by Anon_963
Blood on stool/toiler paper
hello. i had bright red blood streaking the outside of my stool and showing up on toilet paper while back. no...More
Posted by An_254629
I have had a long history of stomach problems - 30 years. The first started when I was a teenager and I had a...More
Posted by deande
SIBO anyone
Hi! I am 35 yr old female that started having upper left quardrent discomfort in June of this year. I was also...More
Posted by nic14120
foul burping leading to diarhea and vomiting
thanks, but I don't think it's food related. had an upper endo and was put on protonix, which helped for a...More
Posted by tennesseejed

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but all they did was put me on protonix which did help, but not anymore.
Feels like somethings caught in my stomach
For the past couple of months I feel like there is a knot or something stuck in my stomach. Located just...More
Posted by curousity
Cause of Diverticulitis?
My wife was diagnosed with Diverticulitis after coming down with severe pain last night. She's 47 and has never...More
Posted by mark34
Can biotin cause digestive issues?
I think I may have IBS....I used to take supplements regularly for the past couple years but since my digestion...More
Posted by cmessi
severe cramps and foul burping and flatulance.
I would like to know what is causing my recurrent problem......stomach cramps, diahrea, very foul smelling...More
Posted by tennesseejed
Collagenous Colitus Diet
Hi, I've just been diagnosed with collagenous colitis and I'm looking for any ideas of the types of food I...More
Posted by An_254573
wondering about the color of stool--and what it me...
I'm on a medication now--over a year and recently increased the dosage to 400 mg. daily from 200 mg. of...More
Posted by Anon_963
Gallbladder/Liver Question
hello everyone, I was wondering if either gallbladder disease or liver disease would show up anywhere in a...More
Posted by kari69
Laughing Fart Problem
I am 35 years old and ever since childhood I have had farts when laughing (also my laughter beomes hysterical)....More
Posted by ballboy
the unexplained pain
I have been experiencing several issues..I had been admitted several into hospitals several times in the past...More
Posted by An_254528
Don't know what else to do!
I am 26 years old, I was diagnosed with GERD when I was 18 and have been on Nexium, a few other generics when...More
Posted by An_254515
Need advice
I have been diagnosed with Barrett's esophagus. My insurance company has denied proton pump inhibitors because...More
Posted by queenhlf
Center of chest pain
For 3months have been having pain in the middle of my chest, sometimes just continuous and sometimes off and...More
Posted by mrb5150
Bowel Mvmt. Problems - Seeking Guidance
Hi All, I have been going to the doctor for years about this. I have seen my family practitioner,...More
Posted by tchap
Barretts Esophagus
Just got diagnosed with this. Barretts esophagus (BE), is essentially GERD PLUS!!! Never heard about it from ANY...More
Posted by pc1963
extreme cramps digesting 3 fruits
Please help me understand or find the answer to this problem. I have searched everywhere and even asked doctors,...More
Posted by kimina
UC or something else?
Had been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and suffered for 5 years with all the symptoms.Only to find out...More
Posted by beau70605

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kidney n digestive disorder
Dear I want to how to keep well kidney permanently and there is a problem nowadays that is i have to go to toilet with pain in belly after ... More
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