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Reply: on going severe Right upper abdominal pain
Read about the gallbladder . . . see if that sounds right.
Posted by nycjudy
Reply: Painful Upper Abdomen
Is the pain always in the same place? Center of the abdomen, right under the rib cage? On...More
Posted by nycjudy
Reply: Don't know what else to do!
Do you take a probiotic? Have you ever looked into the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. There...More
Posted by nycjudy
Reply: Cause of Diverticulitis?
Diverticulosis is indeed common, particularly in people over 60 years. In the past decade...More
Posted by nycjudy
Reply: Internal Pain??
Considering your past situation, bowels does seem most likely. But there is no way to know...More
Posted by nycjudy
Reply: Stomach pains from eating raw produce
It's only an amateur's suggestion, but I would look for a doctor who specialized in...More
Posted by nycjudy

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