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Reply: Gallbladder issues?
have similar symptoms with the constant burning pain under my right ribs with no...More
Posted by alvarado10
Reply: Heart flutters or GERD
If you feel like its serious, you should go to the ER. But I have GERD and sometimes it...More
Posted by alvarado10
Gallbladder pain?
For nearly 3 weeks i been having pain in my gallbladder area, upper aand lower back, and...More
Posted by alvarado10
Reply: Constant stomach/chest pains
I agree. You should be evaluated by a doctor asap just to rule out other serious...More
Posted by alvarado10
Reply: Diagnosed with Biliary Dyskinesia
I had my hida scan today and was told anything under %35 should be considered removed....More
Posted by alvarado10
Reply: Stomach Pain
I would ask for a ultrasound for any possible gallstone or kidney stones first. If thats...More
Posted by alvarado10
Reply: Ongoing tummy issues
Maybe your doctor should check for infammatory diease such as crohns. There are special...More
Posted by alvarado10
Reply: desperate for an answer
Hi guys, I been experience almost the exact same symptoms. I had upper abdominal pain...More
Posted by alvarado10
Reply: Diarrhea finally cured
I agree. No insurance should deny something as simple as a PPI. Well, i glad your...More
Posted by alvarado10
Reply: Please Help Me!!!!
Could just be a bad stomach bug. See your doctor asap or visit a urgent clinic or...More
Posted by alvarado10

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